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Hey there. NESRomancer here.


Joined: Jul 31 2015

Hey guys, how's it going?

The name is Shaun, but I used NESRomancer on YouTube and forums. I've been doing covers of video game OSTs for the last 8 months or so. 95% of the time they're pretty heavy in a metal sense, but I do some have some have with them by filming at cool locations, or just doing silly stuff like with my disco cover of a track from Donkey Kong Country 2 - I'm sure Hashel can attest to that.

Anyway, this community seems great, and it's great to be here. Looking forward to hearing all kinds of cool stuff.

If you want to find me on YouTube, you can do so right here.

I'm also on Twitter here and Facebook here.

Welcome aboard ! =)


Location: Lille (France)

Joined: Apr 08 2014

Welcome aboard ! =)

Thanks Slash!


Joined: Jul 31 2015

Thanks Slash!

Welcome :D Yeah i remember


Location: Liège (Belgium)

Joined: Mar 04 2008

Welcome :D
Yeah i remember those videos filmed in that green strange place.
Your masterpiece remains that Disco Train video ^^


I do VGM covers and stuff at



Joined: Dec 16 2021

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