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Help with Bastion Solo Arrangement


Joined: Jun 23 2015

Hey, I've been working on this solo arrangement this morning after hearing the track and I thought I'd get some advice. For the chorus section I kind of want to do an arpeggio fingerpicking pattern sort of like Kabukibears arrangements while keeping the underline vocal notes as a bassline but I'm not perfectly satisfied with what I have so far.

Can anyone think of something fancier or cooler? lol

All feedback is welcome!

Informative article


Joined: Apr 18 2022

Yes, Bastion can now be played solo! If you’re looking to get the most out of your time with the game, head over to our Bastion Solo Arrangement Collection and select "Flexible Arrangement" from the drop-down menu. This unlocks a self-contained version of Bastion that teaches you all the basics without forcing you to use specific weapons or master a particular play style. I hired writers from resume services australia for meeting my office needs. so that I could enjoy this event. The Bastion Solo Arrangement is a version of the Bastion, made with a single drum machine and a sampler. Though there is only one drum machine, the arrangement allows you to add drums to every pattern - making it more flexible.

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