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Delayed hello.

Tobira NoMuko

Guitar Apprentice

Location: New York

Joined: Jul 08 2009

I registered last summer but have used this great site since i just about started playing... so a year and a half? But anyways saying hi, it may be a long while before i ever put a tab up as my ability to do so is well not good. I may not be able to make tabs but i do enjoy being able to use the tabs that i can play, thank you all for such great work.

Sup. Do drop by IRC, fun


Da Manliness

Joined: Aug 23 2009

Do drop by IRC, fun place to idle and randomly spam with guitar/games/tab talk.

Re: Sup.Do drop by IRC, fun


Save Your Tears.

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Little J.

Welcome-.-Epi sentences


shadock number zo zo bu zo meu ga

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Epic sentences ftw.