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Alternative Tunings


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So, I'm learning a song that uses the tuning D A D A C# E, and that's not the most common tuning. Thankfully I have a second guitar, but, well, one is a classical with nylon strings and one is a steel-string electric, so they offer very different sounds. What I'm curious about is, if you're learning a song with an... Odd tuning, how do you (poll) go about playing/practicing other songs? Retuning every time? Trying your damnedest to play other songs in the new tuning, or the new song in your preferred tuning?
Just curious if there are any suggestions out there.

i usually avoid those


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i usually avoid those tunnings but if i like a song a lot i play it till my fingers bleed and then return to the good old standar tunning. Happens a lot with Goo Goo Dolls songs.


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Many times it's impractical



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Many times it's impractical to play fingerstyle pieces in a tuning altered from the intended one. It can be fun to try, though.

Generally, I change back to the appropriate tuning for the piece I'm playing.

I really only ever use standard, Drop D and DADGAD. I don't really like tuning strings higher than they are in standard; I prefer the looser tunings when deviating from EADGBE.

I advise against trying to


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I advise against trying to play a song you learned in one tuning, while in another tuning. Learning a song gets you the muscle memory, and you could be messing up the work you did by changing.

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Alternative tunings are great


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Alternative tunings are great to play in, but just tune one of your guitars to that tuning and learn said song then continue to play other songs on your second guitar. then when your done learning that song you can tune the guitar you were learning it on back to standard tuning. If you have an electronic tuner then it will be easier to tune back and forth between different tunings. That being said if your using an electronic tuner listen closely to the sound of your strings and perhaps tune them down a half step from what your tuner says...Well just listen to the sounds and im sure your ears will pick up on what sounds wrong and what sounds right XD


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I prefer to be in tune rather


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I prefer to be in tune rather than sharp or flat XD