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WIP - File Select Screen from Super Mario 64


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Just want some opinions, I'm worried I may be taking the theme a little too far.
The intro is so different and while the chord progression is there and it hints at the theme I'm worried it may be a bit too long of a tangent. I'm also unsure about the quick bridge into the fast part. It seems to just explode out of nowhere and just as quickly end and then go into the main fast theme. I'm not really sure about it.
Regardless, I plan on continuing the fast part a bit more and then trying to get into some sort of epic triplet strumming to close.


It's massive 0_0 I wouldn't


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It's massive 0_0

I wouldn't have ever thought about expanding any game tune, especially something quick like the file select screen ^^

It's good, but I just like the originals really. :(