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Game/Anime music to play while Busking


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Hey, I am thinking of doing some busking in my holidays(now), to earn some cash as I can't find work due to recession/unqualified/spend all day playing games etc. An earlier forum topic gave me the idea to try and busk outside my nearest games shop, so now I need to think of some songs that can be played fully (by which i mean won't sound as if there are lots of parts missing) by 1-2 guitarists, on acoustic guitars, and will hopefully wow some people into forfeiting their cash to me.

Of course i want to play mainly Game/Anime music as... well, why not play Game/Anime music around christmas time.

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions I would highly appreciate it. Thanks.

Well, this depends. If you


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Well, this depends. If you are able to play fingerstyle, that would be your best bet and we could suggest some stuff. However, if you cannot, we need to know so we don't just suggest fingerstyle pieces, and suggest things in your level.


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Re: Well, this depends. If you


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yea i should be able to play most fingerstyle pieces or at least practice them enough to semi master them, also thanks for suggesting this as it seems like a good idea.

Re: Here you


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wow, that's awesome. Thank you very much Vic9mm