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Top 5 gametabs arragements


Save Your Tears.

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Whats your top 5 arragements you have learn from this site?

You were there (ICO) -



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You were there (ICO) - Kabukibear
The Sight of Spira (FFX) - Kabukibear
To Zanarkand (FFX) - stamen47
Buy Something Will Ya? (Earthbound) - JBryant
Far Off Promise (Chrono Trigger) - takaf221

Radical Dreamers -


VG Maniak

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Radical Dreamers - Kabukibear
Sadness & Sorrow - Kabukibear
Jesters Of The Moon - Trangoul
Dear Friends - Trangoul
To Zanarkand - Stamen47


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Bouken desho



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Bouken desho desho-TrangOul
Super Driver-TrangOul
Radical Dreamers-Kabukibear
Legendary Hero-Kabukibear
God Knows-TrangOul

Radical Dreamers


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Radical Dreamers Kabukibear
Corridors of Time Stamen47
Peaceful Days Benefactor
Traverse Town Kabukibear
Dire, Dire, Docks TrangOul

Great tabs =)

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Thank you for this exciting


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Thank you for this exciting thread, Salem
This topic help me a lot to decide which piece I should learn
And thank you for every one who posted and will post here :P

This would take forever for


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This would take forever for me to decide... there are so many good ones.



I agree with Archard. I don't


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I agree with Archard. I don't want to choose. It'd be pretty hard.


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Re: This would take forever for



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archard said

This would take forever for me to decide... there are so many good ones.

Same... But I have my top 1 I think, Frog's Theme by Calebelijah

i dont know whats my top 1


Save Your Tears.

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i dont know whats my top 1 but right now i love playing gathering stars from kabukibear and his bowser theme.


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Top 5? Top 100 plz


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These are 5 of my favorites not in order:

One Winged Angel (lonlonjp version) by conqueran
Cool Cool Mountain by cgseth
Melodies of Life by TheDoomOfAllFires
Breeze On a Hill by ronito
Waltz for the Moon (hard version) by Shru

just for now


Soul refrain

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Currtently these are my top five to play but theres so many that I would like to learn its impossible to list them all. In a unordered list:

Radical Dreamers - Kabukibear
To Zanarkand - Stamen47
Corridors of Time - Cachua1506
Blue Fields - Stamen47
Battle Theme FFIV - natenmn


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My top 5 right now at this moment include..

Lost Paintings(lonlonjp) - natenmn
Windmill Hut(vicio89) - natenmn
Radical Dreamers - Kabukibear
Comet Observatory - conqueran
Silence Before The Storm - natenmn

Top 5 overall that I learned from the site

Kids Run through the City Corner - Kabukibear
Descendant of a Shinobi - Kabukibear
Millenial Fair (love this one!) - Kabukibear
Another Marbule - Kabukibear
Merchant Theme - Kabukibear

Re: Top 5 gametabs arragements



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Here are five OF my favorites, but I couldn't say they are THE top 5.

Athlete's Rag (Athletic Theme, SMW) - auriplane
Far Off Promise / To Good Friends (Chrono Trigger) - takaf221 (tab)
Matoya's Cave (FF I) - Orusaka
You Were There (ICO) - Kabukibear
Beyond the Colosseum (Demon's Crest) - TrangOul



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Right now I really like Stamen47's tab for Zelda's Lullaby from Ocarina of time.