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Just Got a Bass guitar!


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Hi, I haven't been on in a few months(been using the site but haven't logged on) but just today I found a reason to log on, I just got a Bass Guitar! I've been playing 6-string guitar for a long time, I have both an acoustic which I got as a present and an Electric which I won from a roaming John Lennon's Legend bus, but I had never played Bass Guitar up till this summer. I had the chance to play a bass for a few weeks in a Jazz band this summer because no bassist showed up and I was the one with the most guitar experience, when I mentioned this to a friend of my family he told me that he was going to fund my musical pursuits by lending me his bass guitar on a long term loan, which with him means "I still own it, but I'll let you hang on to it for me."

My reason for posting this was not just a way for me to vent my glee that a Lyon by Washburn Black Bass Guitar is currently hanging around my neck(yay!) but rather a way for me to ask the following question:

What are good songs to learn on Bass guitar?

Feel free to suggest songs of any difficulty, not only do I have a fair understanding of how to play guitar but I also enjoy an occasional challenge.


Re: Just Got a Bass guitar!


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