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Congratulations, Archard!


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So, I saw you were online and decided to click on your profile thing. And I quote:

"I founded this site in the summer of '06 with the goal of creating a definitive source for video game guitar tabs."

Well, man, I would say that in three years you have done just that. You run an excellent site, and the only site I even think of for game tablature after years of searching around. It's extremely user friendly and welcomes guitar players of all skill levels, not to mention multiple generations. You have built an incredibly helpful and fun base of users who have helped in the foundation of tons of video, recordings, and tabs. I would say you've done exactly what you set out to do. Congratulations, Archard! Way to go!

MassTheMono (Brandon)

What he said. ;)



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What he said. ;)

Re: Congratulations, Archard!


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Why thank you. It has been a pleasure running this site.



lol he's the founder? Didn't


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lol he's the founder? Didn't know that. Great site though ,and great tabs archard. Most I play are from archard because they're usually a lot simpler than others and I'm fairly new so simple is good for me.



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I've been creeping this site oh god for at least a good year and a half just became a member weeks ago but
this is the site I give to people who ask about video game music......
Archard you are a God =D

Re: Congratulations, Archard!


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Little J.

I agree! Great work, Archard


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I agree! Great work, Archard :)... You have definitely achieved and even surpassed your goal!

Very nice


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You wrote it all. This site has become one of the best music orientated web sites on the net. Especialy for those of us who call ourselves game geeks :) I know that I'm one. hehe. Again! Congrats Archard.

And you can tell you have a english major MassTheMono. Very well spoken.


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You've done an awesome job



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You've done an awesome job archard, thank you for making this website and keeping it going! ^^



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...uh huh...



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I agree. Archard's done an amazing job in creating this website. Well done.