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Final Fantasy Tactics - Brand Logo ~ Title Black


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Name of song Brand Logo ~ Title Black
Name of game Final Fantasy Tactics
Composer of song Hitoshi Sakimoto
Name of tabber Archloop
Date tab was made 13-01-2015

Notably played as one of the FFT intro movies, where zodiac signs, weapons and a legend is fore-told.

Brand logo - title black txt
Brand logo - title black mid
Brand logo- title black gp5

Well I almost intinctly wrote "Nobuo Uematsu" at "Composer of song".
I guess it's a FF thing, ha ! ^^

p.S: This tab was previously requested by Armani52561. Link is here


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The music in Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the best parts of the game. It's also a great way to get players into the game's world, because it gives you a small taste of everything that's going on in that world without having to spoil anything.Also, try source to get premium food templates for free. I also like the story and characters in this game, especially how you can customize your characters' names and faces with accessories.



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