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Some help with an original work.


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I've been working on this song for a bit and I recently bounced the tabs out so I could attempt to play them. However, they sucked, and I suck at cleaning them up (trust me, I've been trying) Could someone help me with the conversion to actually playable? Here's the craptacular version.

Passing Suns

Main lead guitar


E ------|

First Phrase Chorus

E -2-4-|-5------4-5-|-7-------5--7--|-9---10-------9-7-|-5-----2-4-|-5------4--5-|--7---5---4----0-0----|-2-2-------------|

E -2-4-|-5------4-5-|-7--------5-7-|-17---------12-10-|-9------9-7-|-5------4--5--|-12--10--9----14-12---|-14-14--------

Begin Breakdown

E |------|------|------|------|------|------|------|------|

Breakdown Solo

E ---9-7-5-4-5-4-0-----|-2-------|---9-7-5-4-5-0-12------|-10--9----7-5-|---14-9-5-4-5-7-0----|-2-------|
B -------------------------|----------|----------------------------|------------------|--------------------------|---------|
G -------------------------|----------|----------------------------|------------------|-------------------------|----------|
D -4----------------------|-----------|-4-------------------------|------------------|-4-----------------------|---------|

E ---9-7-5-4-5-4-0-|-2-4-5-9-14-16-17-19-|-21------17------14------|-9-5-4-2----------|--------------|-4----------|
B ---------------------|-----------------------------|----------------------------|------------2-0----|-0-----------| -------------|
G ---------------------|----------------------------|-----------------------------|------------------2-|-------------|--------------|
D -4-------------------|----------------------------|-----------------------------|--------------------|-------------|--------------|

E -9------5-----2------|-9-7-5-4-5-17-16-|-12----------------
B -----------------------|----------------------|--------------------
D -----------------------|----------------------|--------------------

Heavenly Piano

E |------|

Back To Insane Chorus

E --2-4-|-5---------4-5-|-7---------5---7---|-17----------12-10-|-9--------9-7|-5---------4--5--|-12----10----9----14-12---|-14--14---------

E |-2-4-|-5---------4-5-|-7---------5---7---|-9---10--------9-7-|-5---------2-4-|-5--------4--5--|-7----5----4----0-0----|-2--2---------

E |-2-4-|-5----------4-5-|-7---------5-7-|-17--------------12-10-|-9-------9-7-|-5---------4-5-|-12----10----9----14-12----|-14-14----------|


Secondary Harmony Guitar (on second chorus)

E |-2-4-|-5--------4-5-|-7--------5--7--|-17--------12-10-|-9-------9-7-|-5-------4--5--|-12---10----9----14--12----|-14-14-------

E |-2-4-|-9--------7-9-|-12------9-10-|-12--14------12-10-|-9-------5-7-|-9---------7--9--|-10--9--7----7-7---|-9-9--------

E |-5-7-|-9--------7-9-|-12------9--10--|-21----------21-19-|-17--------12-10-|-9--------7--9--|-17---17---19---17--19---|-21-21-----------


Some of the jumps I know can be transposed to something better, but I when I switch E|-2-4-|-5-- to G|-11-13-|-14-- then fix the timing issues, it looks like evil death on a crap platter.

Much appreciated to anyone that can help fix this. I still have trouble with the transposition of the middle solo, and the power chords underneath don't come out right from Sonar (they either sound great in Midi, but are impossible to play chords, or sound horrible but are possible to play.) So if anyone can figure out a power chords, I'd be much appreciative too.

I normally don't ask internet people for help, but I'm using this song for my Demo Reel for animation in a couple months. Most people use some overplayed song. I'm going fully original. As soon as I get this all figured out, I'm gonna record it, clean it up, and level it so it sounds professional. Thanks in advance.

is there anyway for you to


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is there anyway for you to record it so if someone can help they get the just of how you want it to sound to build off it? also i take it most of this song is played on the 1st string right?

I kinda wanna not do that. I


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I kinda wanna not do that. I wanna play it over multiple strings, but I can't seem to get the transposing to work. Plus, my ear for doing it is not so great. The main reason I need the tabs is a buddy of mine (who's way better at guitar than I am) wanted to take it and help me write a lengthier, and bit more hardcore version (he also wants to write lyrics) However, he lives about 3000 miles away, so I can't just show him on my guitar how it's played.

And as far as recording it, it wouldn't be for another month as the guy that has all the recording equipment I use is out of town. Basically, I'd like simple, everyday three finger power chords, or Drop D power chords, whichever sounds cooler.

Also, I'm not set in stone on the whole standard/Drop D tuning. If someone knows of a tuning that would make it easier to play, but sound the same (or cooler), throw it at me.


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I do not see the tabs


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I do not see the tabs

Weird....I still see them


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Weird....I still see them fine.


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I can't quite tell what's



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I can't quite tell what's going on with this

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