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Unbreakable Machine-Doll ~~ Yuugure Setsugetsuka


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I'm french ( Excuse my english i learn it at school but i'm not famous on english ^^ i'll try my best ), not really a good guitarist ( play guitar about one year ) but i really like this ost and i need some help to create a tab for this music cause i really try to find the tab but impossible to find it...

The compositors are : Masaru Yokoyama, Huge Driver.

So here the ost from Unbreakable Machine doll :

I started the tab and i tryed but it's really hard for me ^^

Here my Tab :

I dont see your reasoning if


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I dont see your reasoning if you're just playing single notes to have a capo. The last half of your first line isnt right though.

e| |---------|--------------------------------------------------------------------| 
B| |--10-12--|--10------10--12----------------------------------------10----12----|
G| |---------|------11----------9--9------9--9--11--9-----------11----------------|
D| |---------|------------------------12---------------12--9----------------------|
A| |---------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
E| |---------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|

keep trying though you'll get the hang of it eventually

Here a new version


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I use a capo because on a classic guitar it's hard after fret 9 on my classic guitar the strings are really high

Here a new version :

thx for help


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thx for help

Re: thx for help


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Hows your tabs going. i'm wondering if you can share your newest version?
i've been looking for tabs for this song. however i cannot find any, and my current skills does not allow me to create one myself.