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New ad, site money issues, etc.


Joined: Jan 11 2007

The site has grown a lot over the years and I'm definitely gonna have to move to a more powerful server pretty soon. Of course in order to do that though I'm gonna need more money. To get more ad revenue from the site I've moved the ad that was at the very top of the page to just above the content area. It also alternates between a smaller and larger banner, thus increasing the amount of high paying ads the site receives.


If you're logged in, the ad completely disappears. This way I hope to increase the amount of revenue I get from the site, and not increase the level of annoyingness to the users. If you don't want to see the ad. Simply log in. Pretty good trade off I think.

I also moved the search bar to the place where the ad used to be, and I will be putting up some kind of "Featured Content" up there as well.

I'm also thinking about opening up a Game Tabs Store shortly, so stay tuned for that.

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Thanks archard. Hiding the ad for logged-in users is a really nice consideration.

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A store?


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You know, a store for gametabs merchandise. There you could purchase stuff like Gametabs-T-Shirts, mouse pads, pencils or archard dolls that scream 'Ya really' when you squeeze them. <3
Wouldn't that be awesome? :D

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hslesperance said

A store?

I'd like to set up a store where I can refer visitors to other online stores that sell customized things like t-shirts, hats, stickers... archard dolls, etc. All with the Game Tabs logo on it. I know Amazon has a nice service for that kind of thing but I don't think they let you sell custom t-shirts and whatnot. If anyone knows of a service I could use please let me know.



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CafePress, Printfection, Zazzle, Spreadshirt?

I read Printfection is the best out of all of those, but I don't have any personal experience, so you may want to google and find out for yourself what other people think.



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