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Ghost in the shell:Yakitori


Joined: Aug 09 2013

This is very difficult to tab D: I would appreciate any feedback you guys have, but please bear in mind its very messy at the moment and incomplete. I think it goes to around 3 minutes? Specifically, I need help with the first guitar solo of doom and fast scales with 2 guitar tracks and the crash. That makes it very hard to hear :/

and I dont like this part:


Some things to note if you read this: 2 tracks MOSTLY lining up to the stereo left/right. Sometimes they switch when I feel one is more lead-y. Also, things like 15v17 mean 15br17br17br17br17 etc, although i'm not sure that's entirely necessary to have the vibrato written out.

The tab is here

and the tab+mp3 is here