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quick help



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ok this is straight foward
where can i get judas priest midi

Re: quick help


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Um... might not be okay posting this link... but tab sites like They have files in a program called "power tab"... its a tab software editor. You could download this program... look on ultimateguitar under the artist and find Power Tab type files and download them, then open them using the Power Tab Editor and extract the existing midi to stand alone. [I'm sure i wouldn't have to walk you through step by step from beginning to this point as it's quite simple] Basicly just click File, then scroll down to EXPORT and click Export midi...
Simple... yet if you just need the midi playback for something you could always just hit the Play button in the tools above the page and have the midi play in power tab. Power Tab also analyzes any midi imported... [Right above export], and converts it to a Power Tab file and will actually tab the music for any specific tuning you choose. <----Power Tab download Link

I really couldn't suggest any sites with midis as most Have a lot of pop ups and the sites stance on pc safety isn't 100%. [Like if you wanted to hit they have loads of midi's but i suggest you avoid it, way too many of above mentioned annoyances]

Anyways good luck, this program isn't the best, but it IS free, and I use it frequently when I get stuck trying to learn those pesky solos. ;)


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