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[Done] Mercenaries 2 - Oh No You Didn't (Simple Chords)


Joined: Oct 21 2007

I've been getting requests for this from users on other sites so I thought I'd post it here first. I'm not sure if this technically fits a "game tab" so use it if you want it. Since the song is a piano song I just wrote out the campfire chords for it. You might as well be the first site with accurate chords for the full song.

*update* sorry to the people that downloaded this tab already but my friend thought it would be funny to add the word fishes instead of vicious. it's fixed.

FILE: 930-ohnoyoudidnt.txt

Re: Mercenaries 2 - Oh No You Didn't (Simple Chords)


Joined: Jan 11 2007

I would rather not put this up, since it's just chords. I do appreciate the submission though, and feel free to post it up in the Creativity Corner or something like that.





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