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Be looking for this store!


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I go to school in Columbus, GA, and the city has this great little store called "Play 'N Trade." I'm not entirely sure how far the business has spread, but I know it's growing. This is probably the best game store I've ever seen. It offers games (used and new) from all consoles, as well as its own custom consoles that are capable of playing SNES, NES, and Genesis games (for those of you whose older systems have stopped working) at decent prices. The awesome part: I've already added some classic, used RPGs to my game collection (Lufia 1, 7th Saga, Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, [though it's not an rpg] Gradius III, and my friend managed to find an original Breath of Fire 1--all of these were purchased at $15 or less, A STEAL CONSIDERING WHAT THEY'D COST ON E-BAY). Here's the awesomer part: All of these games I purchased refurbished (new batteries installed and the cartridges tested to make sure they work) which means no trouble with saved game files disappearing and the such.

All-in-all, this is by far the best game store I have ever shopped at and feel that it deserves to be acknowledged among the gaming community.

Re: Be looking for this store!


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Sounds awesome! I'll check to see if there are any nearby. Thanks for sharing, I've been looking for a good Video Game store with classic games.

P.S. GameStop rips you off!!


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