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Found Massive Vunerability in Open-SSL.


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Hey guys,

Just a heads up that a critical issues was found with Open-SSL, this form of encryption is used by a large number of sites and can affect any OS. Link to a number of the affected web-sites can be found here I recommend everyone update their passwords to any frequently used web-sites edit:but only after they have been confirmed as patched. does not use any form of SSL as far as I am aware so you should be fine here, but wait for a mod or Ash to comment on that before you take my word for it.


As someone who works in


Pixelfingers cant play

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As someone who works in webdeveloping . .
This was a huge pain in the ass . . Patching up lots of servers and changing certificates and lots of talking on the phone >_<.

And yes its important to change password but it only makes sense to change it if the website has patched this issue ~

A fine point indeed! my


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A fine point indeed! my co-worker was rushing me while I was writing this so didn't get a chance to re-read it. Hah

Lots of the Gametabs community seems to very tech savvy... I myself am a IT-Consultant specializing in Data-center support. I would probably go insane from all the calls I would get if I did web-development. You have my condolences sir!

And I think that's a common


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And I think that's a common problem because many companies don't even care about the developers they hire, and that's why their cyber security is trash.



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Well, I can't say that they don't care about that at all, they just don't know how to tell the difference between a good and a bad one. But I think that a person deciding to hire angular developer should be really responsible and at least a little bit skilled in web development because that's quite important after all.



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I'm pretty sure that cyber security should be the main thing for companies to care about while hiring a developer to protect confidentiality and against cyber-attacks. Most importantly, people should care about the cyber-attacks that can affect their own security. For instance, some security systems don't have decent software, so it's easy to hack them and turn them off. That's why it took me forever to find a control panel by the link that even has a tampering alarm and a jamming detection, so I'm 100% sure in my security system.

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