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Mega Man 3 Title/Intro (Electric Guitar)


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Hello, I just came across this site and I can say for sure that I'm going to be using this a LOT to build up on guitar skill. Very neat site, as I've always been a fan of the music as much as, if not more than the gameplay in the Mega Man/Rockman series.

I'd like to address a request that I've used Google and its inferior cousin search engines everywhere to try and find and every search comes up the same, including this site. The only result I get is the version that was tabbed an octave lower. It is tabbed well, and I do appreciate that both guitar parts are transcribed, but I'm really having trouble taking it an octave up, and I'm terrible at transcribing by ear. I've been dying to learn this song in a more electric-soloey way.

This is a close to perfect example, except maybe exactly not note for note, because this person did improvise a little bit. Still though, extremely sick vid.


Help would be very appreciated :) I want to rock this song

Re: Mega Man 3 Title/Intro (Electric Guitar)


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Here is the same tab transcribed an octave higher.

FILE: 647-mm3intro.txt



Re: Mega Man 3 Title/Intro (Electric Guitar)


Joined: Jul 14 2008

omgod that was fast. Thank you so much. I'm gonna start on that as soon as I finish Rumbling Highway from Sonic Adventure 2