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Re: Your first song.


the hyperactive dude

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Song of time by Koji Kondo from Ocarina of time. right from gametabs itself :D


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Re: Your first song.


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walk dont run by idk who...I only learned the rhythem part tho

Re: Your first song.


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Been a while, but I think it was either Blackbird by The Beatles or Dust in the Wind by Kansas.

Re: Your first song.


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Dragon by Jake Shimabukuro :)

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Kicker of Asses

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I believe my first song was Pull my Strings by Dead Kennedys. That solo wasn't tabbed... so I spent like 4 hours replaying the solo till I figured out each note by ear. I doubt many people here have even heard the band let alone the song, but it has a neat history and was recorded once only as a live prank at an award show.


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Slammin' Salmon

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i actually learnt the first part of ONE by metallica on a right handed guitar cause i was too impatient to wait for my first left hander at CHRISTMAS, but then the first thing i learnt on the LEFT HANDED guitar, was enter sandman, haha oh yeah, and smoke on the water. I didn't find this site at first so i wasn't aware of all the real simply vg tunes available, OH WELL.

oh yeah since is my first post i feel i should say HI or somethign, so yeah HI! ;)

Re: Your first song.

Supreme Dirt

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I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles

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Brain Stew (super easy but catchy, I'd recommend this as any beginner's first song)

Also the intro riff to There's No Penguins in Alaska by Chiodos and Somewhere on Fullerton by Allister were other early ones.

my first song


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my first song was the song of time from the n64 game zelda
fail right



The Theme of Love from FF4


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The Theme of Love from FF4 (Arch's tab)

Shine On You Crazy Diamond -


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Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

(was too hard for me and sounded bad when i played it but i had sooo fun ^^)


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it was a really crappy monkey


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it was a really crappy monkey island transcription. Dont know if I found it here or somewhere else, but if it was here it probably got deleted since I cant find it now.

My first songs on guitar are


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My first songs on guitar are whatever crap was in the first pages of the Hal Leonard guitar method 22 years ago ^-^;

That, and "My Dog Has Fleas" @_@

The first real song I learned on my own was on viola, I think. . . . the theme to Gilligan's Island. :-D Yay grade school!



Kansas - Dust in the


Eric: tank,godlike

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Kansas - Dust in the Wind


i use to practice on hal


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i use to practice on hal leonard's guitar method books also =D the first real song was yesterday by the beatles or hey there delilah by plain white t's, i can't remember o.o

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Max_depa said

i use to practice on hal leonard's guitar method books also =D the first real song was yesterday by the beatles or hey there delilah by plain white t's, i can't remember o.o

Does Hal Leonard have a fingerstyle tab of Hey There Delilah? If so, I must have. Hey There Delilah holds a special place in my heart. Don't judge.



Anarchy in the UK ! Hell yeah


Eat your Pasta ! ! !

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Anarchy in the UK ! Hell yeah !
And some Archard tabs <3


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Everlong by the foo


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Everlong by the foo fighters
On my acoustic ^^

stone temple pilots-


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stone temple pilots- glide
also, breezy from ff8 got me into this site.

It's been long enough ago


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It's been long enough ago that I don't remember my first song. Probably just chords.

First fingerpicking song -- More than a Feeling, by Boston, 1999

First song with a barre chord -- Proud Mary, by Credence Clearwater Revival, 1999

First instrumental piece -- Bron Yr Aur, by Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), 2001

First classical piece -- Andecy by Andrew York, 2003

First video game music -- Mario Theme, just the melody


And then I realized that the chord progression from Chrono Cross's Another World is the same progression as the chorus from Peace of Mind by Boston, and life was never quite the same.

Iron Man - Black Sabbath


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Iron Man (not just the single-note riff). Pretty cliché, I know, but it was the first Sabbath song I listened to and I immediately felt like I should learn how to play guitar and play that song. The first solo gave me quite the rough time back then...