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Pokemon RBY-Easy Pokemon Center Tabs


Joined: Apr 26 2008

What do u guys think?

my first tab :D

FILE: 385-CenterTabs.doc

Re: Pokemon RBY-Easy Pokemon Center Tabs


Classical Metalhead

Joined: Oct 09 2007

That sounds fairly accurate. I had to do a few font size changes to get the tab to format correctly, I think you should change the file type to .txt to preserve the rows.

Re: Pokemon RBY-Easy Pokemon Center Tabs


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Hey there, thanks for the tab and welcome to our site. :)
I couldn't find a better midi for it, so I hope this is what you meant since I can hardly play along with it at first. :P
It would be nice if you could submit the tab in a .txt-file next time and post a midi along with your submission, but other than that: good work! ... mon-center