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New music from Vertexguy


Musician / Artist

Location: Westminster, Colorado

Joined: Apr 18 2008

Hey all,
Since everyone here appreciates game music I would like to introduce myself and my music to all of you. I do game covers and original game tunes. I'd love to hear what you all think of my work.

Enjoy! :)

Chris Kline

Re: New music from Vertexguy


Joined: Jan 11 2007

Hi Chris, welcome to the site. I've seen the video of you playing One Winged Angel at video games live before, actually. That must've been fun. Your videos are great, I love the 'Double Dragon M1 Jam' one. Do you compose game music? Your YouTube channel says you work in the game industry as an artist/audio engineer.



Re: New music from Vertexguy


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Hmmm, maybe you could use those 1337 musician connections and spread the word about GameTabs. :twisted:


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Re: New music from Vertexguy



Joined: Aug 12 2007

Oh wow, you are the guy that plays the John Petrucci Necronomicon song? That's fucking awesome.

John Petrucci kicks ass. And a mixture of JP and Sega Saturn and Video Game Soundtrack is epic.


I am working on Spiral Mountain Blues for Banjo Tooie.