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I'm getting less and less time to tab/play


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With work and everything I haven't had time to really tab or play anything. It's really frustrating seeing everyone putting out recordings and tabs and stuff and I can't contribute cause I'm too busy. Also I'm finding that a ton of stuff is already done. I mean nearly every piece of note from Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda and the Chrono Series have been done. But I guess that's ok, I always liked the obscure stuff anyway. I really enjoyed doing my Haneda and Sugiyama arrangements but I don't have time for that anymore. What do you guys do with your time or lack thereof?

Re: I'm getting less and less time to tab/play


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i'm pretty much free these times to do whatever I want, but when coz to works or studies i'm always making sure to give music at least an hour and a half a day (even if it costs me some sleeping hours), otherwise i'll just go insane and start killing people and stuff, its probably the only thing i can really call "recreation" in my life.

Re: I'm getting less and less time to tab/play


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I'm trying not to get sucked down that hole as well. But luckily a lot of the work I do for school is done at a computer, so I usually have time to procrastinate by working on the site :mrgreen:

I hope you find some time to contribute soon. You've made some great arrangements.



Re: I'm getting less and less time to tab/play


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I'm in the same boat. I work all day on my feet so when I get home I'm pretty tired. Also, I haven't been able to find any music I really am all that inspired by. Lately, I've just been uploading some of my older stuff here and there, but even that is few and far between. I think I need to take a bit of a break from the guitar arranging to get back into it. I still play every day but lately I've been practicing actual classical pieces. A big part of it to is my gf has moved back into town so while before I usually had the weekdays to work on music, I only get a free day here and there. She's pretty good about giving me my space though, when I want to work on music.

Anyway, just sayin' I feel ya. I've been less into tabbing lately too.