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Final Fantasy X-2


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Anyone here played this game? I was a big FF fan up until this game and FFXI when it went online. I'm kinda interested in what this game is like, and how it relates to FFX. The music is good for sure.

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I don't mean to sound negative, but I really kinda gave up on Final Fantasy after I played X. It sucks, I loved the first 9 SOOOO MUCH!!! I PLAYED XI (and it's actually pretty good) but I never had an account. Now all I can do is wait for FFIV for DS. That will be pretty amazing.


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I think it all depends on how much you liked X and how much of a game snob you are. (not that you are) There was a big outcry amongst gamers about this game with the strange "job" system (you change outfits) and the more light-hearted feel about the whole thing (think Charlie's Angels) and possibly playing as a girl? Some guys have a hard time relating to a story if the protagonist isn't male. I, on the other hand, really enjoyed X and, by extension, X-2. It can, in my eyes stand on it's own as far as mechanics and storyline go because even though it relates so strongly to X, it also has a massive back story in itself since 2 years have passed since X. X-2 has you visiting a lot of familiar places and, I'll admit, sometimes the dialogue and the girls are a little annoying, but I really had a lot of fun with it. It was a guilty pleasure. The missions and storyline were all interesting, lots of side-quests, new characters, etc. The battle system is active time turn based which made the fights a lot faster but without that chaos that came along with FFXII. It expanded on the original FFX which I liked too because I enjoyed the first game so going back to that "universe," was fun for me. I think that's the major difference between X-2 and a lot of the other FF games, it's a spin off that seems like it was intended to be a fun experience, dramatic at parts yes, but less of an earth-shattering save the universe or we all die feel(that happens too, of course...but isn't that true of all rpg's? lol)

I'd say give it a shot, it's only 20 bucks these days and you might find you even enjoy it. Just don't tell your buds. ;)

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FFX-2 can be a rollicking good time. IF and ONLY IF you can completely forget about FFX and pretend that X-2 has nothing to do with it. Another FFX it is not, if you go into it expecting another FFX you'll invariably come out dissappointed. But if you think of it as a fun side quest then it's not bad at all. I've always said that if they had 3 different main characters and setup FFX-2 as a new IP it would've been recieved incredibly well. It's a fun time if you go in with the right expectations.

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I guess I'll try it out then. Thanks guys.

Too bad I just realized I don't have a PS2 anymore though :shock:



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As a true final fantasy veteran i really can not stand the thought of a final fantasy actually having a sequel
i know it sounds strange but sequels are NEVER as good as the original things and X-2 was a BIG let down for me
but when you get past the Weirdness of an FF game actually having a true sequel, and if you just concentrate on
the game itself then its pretty good...and yes, some of the music is Superb :D ps2....I feel your pain...


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