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$50,000 in Apple 4 years ago is worth 1.2 mil today


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Take for example Apple - maker of the iPod , iPhone, and the Macintosh computer. If you had invested $50,000 in Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) five years ago, that investment would be worth a cool $1.2 million today. In the last 5 years, shares in the Silicon Valley company have gone up $160, or 2273% (charts). This works out because 5 years ago, Apple shares were hovering around the $7 mark. $50,000 five years ago could afford you 6887 shares. Today, those 6887 shares are now worth over a million dollars, because Apple's share price has gone up to $167 ($167 * 6887 = $1,150,129). To put that in perspective, if you had decided 5 years ago to purchase Apple shares instead of a 2nd generation 20GB iPod for $499, you'd have $11,000. That is a lot of apples.

I can't believe this stuff sometimes. Now it seems so painfully obvious that it would have been a great idea to invest in companies like Apple and Google 4 or 5 years ago. Or just think, if you could reset the clock like 10 or 12 years and go on a generic domain buying spree (,,, etc)... man, you'd be set for life right now.

Re: $50,000 in Apple 4 years ago is worth 1.2 mil today


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I already own!!!!!


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