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Keep your goals to yourself


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This very phenomenon has plagued my life.

Now, if you're asking for help with reaching a goal, that's probably different. I think that qualifies as not gaining the satisfaction.

Epic ending/ad. Another good


Laon King

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Epic ending/ad.
Another good thing about keeping goals to yourself: if you give up, no one'll know <: For some people though, telling others about their goals will be another reason to reach it as they don't want to seem like a loser/etc. Just depends on how well you know yourself.

I didn't bother to watch it,


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I didn't bother to watch it, but I've felt that that's true for a long time. It's better to do something than to tell people you're going to do it.



Fascinating. I personally try


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Fascinating. I personally try to maintain a balance, as without some sense of reward there is little in the way of motivation. That being said, most of my goals are so ambitious that the reward social stimulus brings is minimal to say the least. I also agree with Hakoria - a fear of punishment tends to be the greater motivating factor (at least for me).

Apparently most people don't


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Apparently most people don't have friends who will "punish" them for not living up to the goal?

1. People in American society are told to be nice. Read: don't remind people of their failure. Is it different in England?
2. You could always have incomplete information about someone's situation, as to why they didn't reach their goal. Maybe the goal wasn't realistic.

But you can always say of someone, "at least he has goals", regardless of whether he works towards them.

Anyway, I have constantly found myself failing to reach goals when I told other people about them. I've suspected for a very long time that telling people about them was like a substitute for accomplishing them.


And then I realized that the chord progression from Chrono Cross's Another World is the same progression as the chorus from Peace of Mind by Boston, and life was never quite the same.



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I have played a lot of games,


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