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Some cool new feature, maybe?


Joined: Sep 22 2012

Hey there. I've been using this site anonymously for years and I absolutely love it.
I have a suggestion for a new feature, though.

What if we had some sort of "Learning/Learned" button? For example, if you liked a tab and is trying to learn it, you could maybe tick a "Learning" box. When you're done, you could press some "Learned" button. The number of persons who are learning/have learned the tab could be made public on the tab's page, for example.

You could even, let's say, get experience points and even "level up" by learning new tabs, and, of course, you would have a list of the songs that you are learning/you have already learned.

Thanks for reading :)

Hmm I use the favorites on



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Joined: Apr 09 2010

Hmm I use the favorites on that :P Since I probably will learn them by playing sooner or later. But then again what is "learning" a tab - and where does it end. Even songs I have played around 100 times or more can leave me unsatisifed when playing, also I tend to forget many arrangements I once could play pretty well - but other arrangements just took their place :P

So for a new feature, imo the learning can't be defined enough to transfer it into statistics (lvl up stuff) but for learning itself you can use your favorites like I do - although it's just a rough draft of what I actually play since many arrangements are not hosted by gametabs.