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Braid - Lullaby Set


Joined: Sep 08 2012

Hello gametabs. I've used this website since I started playing guitar almost 3 years ago, but I've only now made a forum account!

Today I started my first arrangement/tab attempt. One of my all-time favorite game songs, "Lullaby Set" from the Braid soundtrack. Please check out my work in progress below.

I'll update as I go.


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Lullaby Set WIP (Braid)


Good job~


Joined: Jan 08 2012

Looks awesome so far. :D

Re: Braid - Lullaby Set


Joined: Nov 28 2012

Thanks for doing this. One of my favorite songs ever. I got the basic partiture from Shira Kammen herself but they are not like the final version. I can give them to you if it can help


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