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Drawing for Beginners?


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Hi all!
Well after looking through some of the artwork here on the forum, I've been inspired once more to learn how to draw properly.
If anyone could give any advice as to where to begin my studies, I would be immensely grateful. I have always enjoyed drawing but was never serious about it so I'm still a beginner.

If you could point me out to some good reference material, like books and dvds/videos, it would be a great help!

All help appreciated!

Hi there! good to see another


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Hi there! good to see another artist in training on here. I've been drawing since I was like, 5, but I didn't truly get serious about it until I turned 16. Its only like a year or two later, but its amazing how far I've come with just some time and effort.
Don't be discouraged if you think you have to start young to become a good artist- take a look through this guys images, he started out as an absolute beginner and became an AMAZING artist within like three years! anyone can become a total pro if they put in the time and effort.

Here are all the tips I can give you
1. Draw all the time, and I mean all the time. I'm not sure how old you are, if you're in school still and you have classes that give you some free time, whip out a sketchbook and start drawing.

2. Draw from real life- Look at real things, draw them. This is important- if you actually do want to get better at drawing, attend a life drawing/figure drawing class at some studio near your house. Even if your goal isn't to draw people, you'd be amazed at how much better you get at simplifying forms when you attend these classes. It should be like 10$ per class, but my city has a free class at the library on fridays, maybe your city does too.

3. play less video games. I'm guilty of this one though, I have days where I think that I should be doing some studies of people or environments, and instead I pick up my psp and dick around. Remember that video games are supposed to be recreational- but in reality are just awful addictive time suckers. If I spent all the time I have logged playing video games into art instead, I could have been a master by now- and that goes for you too.

4. make a folder on your computer if you haven't already for pictures that you find inspiring. It can be drawings or photographs- anything that makes you want to draw. my folder is full of scenery, concept art for video games, classical paintings, and naked people! Next time you have an urge to do something that just wastes time, look at your inspiration folder instead, and maybe it will make you practice art instead.

5. Read andrew loomis fun with a pencil- Good information for any beginner! this guy teaches you about guidelines (which will help you construct faces), planes (also for construction of figure and faces), and proportions (good for god damn everything). Also check out "Figure drawing for all its worth" and "drawing the head and hands" also by andrew loomis.

6. Don't worry about style until later- practice proportions, facial construction, figure drawing, drawing from life. Its important that you get the foundations down before you start worrying about having your own distinct style.

7. with every couple of studies you do, make sure you do try drawing something you find fun. Its very easy to get burned out on gesture drawing and practicing faces- it can begin to feel like homework. Don't forget to remind yourself that art is fun.

8. Don't ever give up ever- even if it feels like you aren't making any progress, you totally are. If you ever get discouraged, just look at some artwork from when you were younger. Realize that this is a long journey, but a really rewarding one.

RESOURCES- <------ All the resources you'll ever need.

Feel free to start a thread with your artwork if you feel like getting some critiques, we're friendly, I promise ahahaha. Also SORRY FOR THE WALL OF TEXT we don't get that many art threads on here so I got excited.

Thanks soo much!


Joined: Apr 29 2012

Thanks sooo much for all the info. I'm still in school (I'm 17).
I'll be taking all this info to heart and begin my training. Hopefully, I'll become a master soon enough.

I'll be sure to try and post some of my artwork on here (lemme start practicing first though).

I doubt there's any drawing classes around where I live, but I'll look about and see (I'm in SA btw).

Thanks again!


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