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Inevitabilis from Puella Magi Madoka Magica


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Hi I made a quick arr. of a midi file found from

guitar solo , Fingerstyle
Inevitabilis from Puella Magi Madoka Magica v5 ** UPDATED at 12:12(france), 15th december

Btw thanks for your works on gametabs, this website rocks :)

Great job. Nice to see more


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Great job. Nice to see more Madoka arrangements! : )

he just made a quick



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he just made a quick arrangement... and I was craving for more madoka, wish i could do it simple as that xD

Re: he just made a quick


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Hi Ennea, Well a simple midi with only a piano part is generally easy to convert to guitar tab (by Guitar Pro 5), then it's fast. the difficulty increase with the number of instruments, at opposite the symphonic midi files are a hell to convert. About this tune , just try to import the midi file (click second "IMPORT" button to merge the tracks), and change the tuning > Drop-D, then transpose -17 semi tone, there u did the main job, rest are details.

ps : midi file is from :

Re: Great job. Nice to see more


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Thanx Uminari. Indeed this anime offer a nice ost. I also search about music made by Yuki Kajiura, it seems he s a great artist, gametabs has some nice guitar arrangement :

Yuki Kajiura is a girl


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Yuki Kajiura is a girl ^^'
And if you have heard one of her soundtracks you've heard pretty much every other soundtrack she make.



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Indeed I always forget check the gender when I deal with japanese name hehe -_-'
I like this one too :
Nice tune wich I'll probably arrange.

btw : i updated the "Inevitabilis from Puella Magi Madoka Magica" from v2 to v5 (same link)

Nice arrangement, really


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Nice arrangement, really pretty! I like the use of rubato. I like to play solo stuff without a click, but my rubato usually comes across as crappy rhythm, because I suck. :-D

It's also really simple and easy to play. Well done.



Thanks Auriplane


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Yep I was surprised when I found all Tempo marks in the midi file, I didn't expected anyone has enought skill to transcribe that, but Joel Spadin made it, probably a very good skilled musician. I guess a just hand of people here can play decently this rubato, for me its just impossible, I just copy its to the tabs for them. For others as me, we can try play faster & slower some parts & it s already fun :)
btw FINALE doesn't display tempo marks ? I finally used Sibelius wich display that very clearly. If any1 knows a command doing that in FINALE, I m interesting to know :P

edit : oh yeah im sure he is a great transcriber now just found that :



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whis is actyally I was hoping
i know what am missed some slides in end part, but get no idea what notes need to add ( 3)----10\8--8-- - what was what im looking for :))
and thank you for other fixes
and by the way i think last 4 in this part don't need