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Can anyone help me with my history essay?



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Topic: The Branches Of (American) Government (can be one or all three)
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I decided to ask here 'cause the people on Yahoo answers normally ignore my questions or post bitchshit.

Anyways, I don't understand how I should start/do this. What are some things that I ABSOLUTELY need to mention in here or should understand about the branches besides the obvious stuff I can find in one paragraph in my history book? Thanks. Spam welcome if you're a professional at it.

Do all three to make it


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Do all three to make it easier to hit 20 without needing to research in depth content in only one branch.

Introduce each branch with an overview, then proceed to about certain processes in detail with each one, as well as each relationship with other branches.

Citing bits of constitution and law would be suggested.

Yep what surreal said, and


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Yep what surreal said, and also you could include something about checks and balances, and in your conclusion you could possibly consider writing about how the 3 branches are doing in the present, you can ask yourself questions like "are they generally working like they were designed to?" to help get your insights going x) good luck!!!

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Marbury V Madison.