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compose for refugees?


Joined: Feb 02 2010

Hi guys, my brother's wife Kristen sent me a letter today, wondering if I could compose a song to go with a video for her non-profit organization which helps refugees and HIV victims in third-world countries. Unfortunately I compose strictly on guitar, and due to my bicycle accident and fractured wrist, I cannot. :/

Would anyone here be interested in such an endeavor? The site for the non-profit is here:

The song would be 2-3 minutes long, instrumental in nature, I think maybe acoustic/classical guitar would be ideal. Something lightly melodic or atmospheric that would serve as background music--nothing too complicated! It would have to be an original composition, and donated freely. They are hoping to put together the video by early October.

I know there are a few here who would definitely be capable...would anybody be interested? If anyone is interested I can obtain more information.


Celia Reilly

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I've been thinking about what I could do to contribute to the refugee cause. I thought of writing a song, but I don't know how to get best resume writing services 2022 and write music, so that was out of the question. Then I thought of donating money, but I felt like my contribution would be too small. So then I got the idea of composing a song for refugees.

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You try to do something for


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Unfortunately, I don't write songs. I hope that someone will respond to your request) Good luck!


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Gercekter liked your efforts to help refugees; I applaud you and hope you achieve your aim. geometry dash scratch


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