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Tune Compilation #1 Results


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Tune Compilation #1 Entries!!

Hey, everyone! Here are the entries for Tune Compilation #1!

Winners: hashel, xuwawa, Grimacing Grimoire, soundsandstuff, auriplane

Auriplane is disqualified, because she cheated and extended the contest. Everyone else wins!!! Congrats, winners!! Now, I'll type up some reviews of each song.


hashel - Perversion of the Holy

Well, I like it! It starts out feeling a bit serious, with the heartbeat on the kick drum. I don't really know where it's going for the first minute or so, but around 1:08 things escalate; it gets a bit discordant, but that fits the theme you're going for. The same goes for climax at 2:22, but more so. Anyway, it does feel like it tells a story! But I wonder what the story is?

hashel - Unnamed Song #1

I actually like this a lot :-) It's simple, but it's definitely got some feeling, and it's pleasant to listen to. The choir was surprising, but nice. I think it's fine without drums. The ending is kind of abrupt, though. I think this was the better of your two entries.

xuwawa - Albatross (Bolted, Smooth, Overdrive)

You said the acoustic guitar was driving you nuts, but I kinda liked it! :-) The tune is pretty simple, but it's got some definition emotion behind it. Actually, I think I liked that acoustic guitar best out of the three versions. The harmony is very simple, and that's okay, but I'm not sure it fit the choir too well. The simplicity seemed to fit better with the original instrumentation. I wonder what sort of character this was for? Is it for Green Elf, who shot the food?

Grimacing Grimoire - Tune Comp. Entry

Well, the composer didn't say anything about their entry. I guess it's up to me! :-) The rhythm and melody are simple, but pleasant. The harmony doesn't seem like it's all quite there, though. If that's on purpose, I'd say the song starts out pleasant, but feels a bit sinister, something dark lurking underneath. If the dissonance isn't on purpose, then I'd say you just need to change a few notes, and you'd end up with something fairly pleasant :-)

soundsandstuff - A Strange Encounter

This is very silly!! XD And it sounds a bit experimental. The notes are really short, so I can't quite follow all of it, but it's kind of cute. Reminds me of playing really old video games :-)

auriplane - blob

This song has a lot of disjoint parts, all smushed together into one blob of song. They don't really go together, but they tell the story of blob! Or something. Well, I can't really review my own song, so I'll leave it at that.

Anyone else have any thoughts on these songs? [email protected]_v

Glad you enjoyed them :) The


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Glad you enjoyed them :)
The Story ? Hmmm... It's a kind of priest, really believer and full with kindness. But one day, an evil power corrupted him !
The 1st part of the song is a discussion between the corrupted priest and the heros. He tried to hide his evil side but he can't... The 2nd part of the song is the battle ^^

(and "Oh yhea i'm back")


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gj by everyone! i'm not much


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gj by everyone! i'm not much of a reviewer but i will say that i liked all the entries, i'll give it a go and here are some of my thoughts:

hashel - the holy one makes me feel like i'm in an rpg, in a gloomy palace in the sky, cool stuff
- unnamed? i'd name it something like "chilling out in a rpg town tavern", cool stuff

xuwawa - albatross, nice choir thing you have going, but some parts i feel like it overpowers the melody, maybe make the main melody stand out a bit more? and i like those notes with bends, cool stuff

grimacing grimoire
- did you use tuxguitar? i use it too, i think you might have but im not sure. some of the notes seem a bit off but i actually found it interesting as i listened to it, like a deviant work of art. cool stuff

soundsandstuff - what is this. i dont even. but yes auriplane i do believe you are spot on when you mentioned that this sounds experimental, the guy probably didn't have a clue what he was doing and just threw a bunch of what together hoping that it would sound like something remotely coherent.

sounds like he used famitracker for this one, he should check out for some pointers xD

auriplane - blob - i reeeally dig the up beat on this one, makes me feel like a flying blob! sounds like you used some of the instruments from the snailiad library, cool stuff


You guys, someone should do a


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You guys, someone should do a tune contest soon. The tunecontestship has been abdicated, so anyone can do one. But hurry! If you don't, someone else might do it first...