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reading the music


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I can read sheet music, but I can't read the music on this site. Can anyone help me? (Thanks a head of time)

e|------------------------| B


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Basically each of those lines represent a string on your guitar, the top being your high e string(the thinnest) and the bottom being your low E string(the thickest). The numbers represent frets on your guitar that you're supposed to play. So, D|--7-| means you play the 7th fret on your D string and it's the same way for every other string. Does that help?

Pshh. Stick with reading


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Pshh. Stick with reading sheet music.



Thats what I thought this


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edit: I missed the point completely because I missed the first post of this thread, heh how silly of me.

If you can already read sheet music which is like 10x harder, then tab is no problem for anyone. Andrew Wasson at creativeGuitarStudio which is the best learning resource on utube says it takes 2 years to be able to read sheet music fairly well.. When infact you can learn to read tab amazingly well in 6months depending on how you stick with it.