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Sadness and Sorrow...


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Today I looked at my arrangement of Sadness and Sorrow and was surprised to find it had a 3 star rating. I'm obviously missing something here because I'm quite proud of the arrangement. If it's for the untidy notation then I apologise, but at the time I knew very little about it. And the extremely hard optional ending was me getting carried away :D. I'm aware that there are already excellent arrangements of the song on the site, and thus tried to make it as different as possible. Have I failed in some way? Have I inadvertently stolen someone else's?

I'm very confused about this haha. If anyone could tell me what's wrong with the arrangement I would be grateful. It's a little annoying to find two people giving a 1-2 star vote without offering any explanation why. Sorry if I seem like I'm ranting but I personally prefer this to most others and am taken aback by it's low rating. Cheers.

Edit: I am planning to redo the tab sometime.

Re: Sadness and Sorrow...


I haven't had a chance to trim my hedges recently. Thanks for visiting anyway...

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Oh, jeez... Here we go XD

Don't sweat this shit. Ratings don't really matter. People seem to get too hung up about getting five stars and for some crazy reason think that four stars or less is basically equal to one star. Most honest ratings are subjective anyways... everyone has a different idea of what qualifies something to be a certain rating. Just because you prefer your own version doesn't mean that it really is better than other versions or that everyone else will agree with you.

That being said, sometimes there are people that will give out low ratings for reasons that make little sense or aren't so honest (seems like this scenario may have been the case with this particular tab). For example, my dkc2 stickerbrush symphony (which I also worked very hard on) was given a 1 star rating by some dude because he wanted his friend's dkc tabs to stick out more. He rated ALL dkc tabs that weren't his friend's one star. A whole bunch of my favorite tabs on this site have received 1 star ratings from people for incredibly silly reasons or no reason at all. I'd personally kind of like to see ratings only able to be given if attached to a comment as that could potentially reduce the amount of people giving low scores for malicious reasons. It could possibly promote helpful criticism from those giving low scores for honest reasons, too. I dunno.

It's not the end of the world if somebody doesn't like your tabs. And while annoying, low ratings given for malicious reasons are bound to happen. Conversely, it doesn't make you the best tabber on gametabs if you have perfect 5 stars or a higher average than someone else.

Some valid points. Still,


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Some valid points. Still, somebody voting 4 stars wouldn't bother me so much; though I'd still appreciate an explanation. On the other hand, 2 people voting 1 stars is a cause for concern. As you said though, it is probably malicious or tactical voting; which is, I think, why they imposed the like/dislike system. But yeah, if someone dislikes my tab I would usually desire an explanation, if only for the sake of my own improvement. I like your idea about the attached comments.

Don't forget the retards who



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Don't forget the retards who just rate 1-star because they can't play the tab. Intrawebz is full of unreasonable person (or shoul I say kids?) who rate rather arbitrary.

Don't let it bother you, your tabs magnificent ;) to me you're one of the best tabbers on this site, keep going

Thanks a lot :)


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Thanks a lot :)

Sounds like they were just


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Sounds like they were just randomly trolling your rating, don't worry.