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The Pillows motivation


Normal is too boring. Coolness is an opinion. Funness is your own thing. Individuality is ultimate.

Joined: Nov 05 2010

I was bored so i made a little poem using the names of some Pillows songs, all credit goes to me nd blah blah blah. Enjoy nd let me know what u think :)

Some ADVICE to you I want to give, to add some happiness to the life you live, do not live it all with strife, because you only get ONE LIFE. If I do not like all this CRAZY SUNSHINE, I THINK I CAN say that THE MOON IS MINE. Just be myself and don't RUSH to the CARNIVAL where I follow the PIED PIPER and become his NEW ANIMAL. So what if I’m a SLEEPY HEAD it’s not bad it’s true, when I awaken I will see a BEAUTIFUL MORNING WITH YOU. I refuse to live my life as an empty SCARECROW. I want to see the BEAUTIFUL PICTURE filled with HYBRID RAINBOWS. So what if I’m the LAST DINOSAUR left to bash, it’s better than drifting aimlessly just being WHITE ASH. When it’s NONFICTION people want me sponsor, I get a RUNNER’S HIGH and say BLUES DRIVE MONSTER. I’m the type of STALKER who RIDES ON a SHOOTING STAR to see LADY BIRD GIRL in GAZELLE CITY real far. If I were to name a city, I would name it FUNNY BUNNY I would name it TOKYO BAMBI, who cares about the money? So if any of you guys wallow in self pitty, I’ma be a LITTLE BUSTER and not a SAD SAD KIDDE