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How do I upload files using my personal file browser?

Every user has their own personal file space that they can use for uploading files to be used when doing things like requesting and submitting tabs. There are two ways to access it:

Through your user profile

Click the "File browser" link on top of your profile

On the post submission page

When submitting a post in the forum or elsewhere, there are two buttons on the left side of the toolbar. These buttons allow you to put images and links in your post, respectively. Both of them have a button that says "Browse", which allows you to get to your personal file browser and insert a link to the file, or embed the image straight from the toolbar. For more information about these buttons, click here.

Once at the personal file browser, you can easily upload and manage your files. Hover over "Help!" for more info.

How to use the toolbar

When posting a comment or making a post on the forum or making a request, you'll notice a toolbar on the post submission form. This toolbar can be very helpful when you edit your post, and it can also help you upload files to your personal file browser and insert links to them in the body of the post. The toolbar produces HTML code. If you already know HTML you can use it without the toolbar.

  • Insert/edit image

    Use this button to embed images in your posts. The Image URL is where you put the link to the file. If your image is in your personal file browser you can select it by clicking the "Browse" button. Width and Height allow you to specify the dimensions of the image in pixels. Alternative text is the text displayed when you hover over the image.

  • Insert/edit link

    This button allows you to make links to other URLs. The Link URL field is where you put the link, the Link text field is where you put the text of the link and Link title is where you put what you want the link to say when you hover over it with your mouse.

  • Bold

    Makes the text bold.

  • Italic

    Makes the text italic.

  • Headers

    Use this button to format text as a "header". This simply makes text appear larger and automatically places it above everything else.

  • Ordered list

    If you highlight multiple lines in the text editor and press this button, it will turn those lines into an ordered (numbered) list. For example,


    Will turn into

    1. Apple
    2. Orange
    3. Banana
    4. Grape
    5. Lemon
  • Unordered list

    Same as an Ordered list but the list will not have numbers in front of it. For example,

    • Apple
    • Orange
    • Banana
    • Grape
    • Lemon
  • Preview

    Get a preview of your post in its current state.

  • Help

    Get short descriptions of the buttons on the toolbar

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How do I upload an avatar?

When you're logged in:

  1. Hover over 'My Account' and click 'My Profile'
  2. Click 'Edit'
  3. Scroll down to 'Picture'
  4. Upload the avatar from your computer
  5. Save your profile