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Because I haven't seen the video, I don't know how it's arranged, but chances are the flute is playing the melody and the guitars are splitting the chord between them. That's how I would do it at least.

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

Then perhaps the guitars were tuned differently in order to accomodate. That's always possible. I was just speaking in terms of the tuning archard chose.

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

I think L means tiead note and * means repeat

Battle Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

G--------------------------2--- --> with this note here
D------------------------------ is better i think.

great tab, btw. ^^''

edit: oh, now i saw socrates has put the note too.. XD
sry for double posting, then. =p

To Zanarkand 15 years 9 weeks ago

Hmmm...I think I know why it doesn't sound right, what with all the open 1st string notes. When I was experimenting with converting midis to powertab, I had the same problem. I think that when the notes get too high for the guitar, it automatically replaces that note with an open 1st string note. The problem would be fixed if both guitars were brought down an octave, and even though it wouldn't sound exactly as it does in the game, I think the tab would be awesome.

Pokemon Center 15 years 9 weeks ago

Woww!!! this tab is exelent , you´ve done a great job on this one , I love the song .

Keep on the good work , as far as i can tell , you´re amazing.

Illia's Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

harsh comment but unfortunately true, this tab is dogshit. it does sound like it it's just all on the wrong string and spread up and down the fret board when you can quite easily play it in the middle of the neck across 3 strings and it sounds more fluid, there's also a bunch of notes missing. If i can nail a tab I'll post it later. do not tease with sub par tabs!!!!

meanwhile, anyone done a decent tab for either the whirlwind stage of Shinobi 3 for megadrive of the opening credit them for streets of rage 2?

Ryu's Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

Tabbing this out wouldn't be too hard, until the solo. There's plenty out there that we looked at and we noticed that they're all good and we just went from there.

Thank you. I'll see if we can get it, but I don't know the J's solo part.

Boss Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

Normally, I would agree with you, but I've seen a video clip of 2 guys with guitars plus some chick with a flute play this song. I don't remember where I saw it, But the 2 guys made it sound almost the same as in the game.

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

WHATTTT!!!!! Thats crazy! love it! but still i cant play that last chord well lol need to get my fingers used to moving in that position lol

Gerudo Valley 15 years 9 weeks ago

really awesome stuff here, thanks.

Ocarina Melodies 15 years 9 weeks ago

I don't think they "have" to do any such thing. Music that's not written for guitar has to be adjusted for the shortcomings of the instrument. Much in the same way that a bend or harmonic wouldn't transfer over to a piano rendition of a guitar piece.

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

Well, according to the music, in order for the chords to be right, each will have to involve 6 notes.

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

lolol I'm not critcizing archard, you know me, how often do I keep things exactly as they're played? lol.

I was just trying to respond to gibson's post.

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

Yeah yeah ok so I got lazy sorry guys. I just thought those two chords sounded pretty good/close to the real thing. I'll make a more complete version.

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

The closest thing I can think of for that first chord is an Fmaj7add13. You can't play it on a guitar as it's written here though, because it would be a second inversion with the F still in the bass, so basically,


and unless you have an extra finger, since there's nothing to bar, you can't play it. Unless you can manage to get your thumb around to that low F but I can't on mine.

I would strum it

Fmaj7add13 Cmaj7add9
e--0-- e--0--
B--3-- B--3--
G--2-- G--4--
D--3-- D--2--
A----- A--3--
E--1-- E-----

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

@ Stuff: You can't think archard's gonna answer you in 4 minutes! ^^

Nice tap by the way^^

Earth God's Lyric 15 years 9 weeks ago

Amazing tab, but the ending is missing.. :(
Finish it please, if you don't mind

Another Guldove 15 years 9 weeks ago

i found it at last,,,,,
my thanks to anyone who publish it,,,,,
even i'm still a newbie in guitar,,,,,
i'll play hard,,,,,
my thank you,,,,,,,,

Loss of Me 15 years 9 weeks ago

a fret is one of the many squares on which you press down on the string

Gerudo Valley 15 years 9 weeks ago

The root note of the first chord is an F, but the chord itself is not an Fmaj7. The order of notes of the first chord are supposed to be F,C,F,A,D,E (Fmaj7 does not include a D). I'm not quite sure what chord that is though. Second chord was also close. It's a Cmaj7add9(I know cuz I'm staring at the sheet music right now) And I have no idea how to finger that chord . . .

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

What about the bass line?

Temple 15 years 9 weeks ago

Looks alright but i'ma drummer come out with some kick butt tabs 4 me will ya

Gym 15 years 9 weeks ago

Thank you so much for tabbing this!

KR-Action2v2 15 years 9 weeks ago

Alright man all i have to say is OMFG
this is dead on, i listened to the song on my N64 as i played it and its perfict, not to mention i just picked uo my dads guitar and statrted playing, then i found this tab and i LOVE it
thnx man your the best

Gerudo Valley 15 years 9 weeks ago

It's not bad. I just wish it was more harder to play and more complex as well as more defined in all the sounds that's being played.
I also don't like how the fret goes up past 21. Lol
But that's just me because my accoustin only has 20 and my First Act only has 21. Oh well.

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

well, its ok . . .

still, I wouldn't mind the background music for another guitar

Title Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

h means hammer on/off. the way it was explained to me is you hit the string once on the 2, and quickly press the 4 then 6.

Overworld 15 years 9 weeks ago

Truly amazing!

Main Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

What does L and * mean?

Battle Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

Great tab I would have loved to have seen it organized a little better, but i found my way through it, night tabs, keep up the good work.

Gerudo Valley 15 years 9 weeks ago

You are truly an inspiration, your music has a soul that fills its listeners with life upon listening, you truly feel your music when you play it and you leave no emptiness(silence) of Ambience in the music, and you make tabs to help others, that is truly noble. I am working hard on the tabs. Watching your video and listening to your chords make me strive for perfection on this Masterpiece song. I thank you once and again and again. Thanx friend !
P.S Can't wait for the game MGS4

Main Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

I personally am a beginner, and the change in tabbing really helped. Thanks, guys.

Minuet of Forest 15 years 9 weeks ago

Thankyou! it's awesome. I couldn't find this tab anywhere until I found this site.

Interrupted by Fireworks 15 years 9 weeks ago

Great sheet. But the only thing missing is the short build up. You know, that introduction before this part of the song is played.

Besides that, great!

Dearly Beloved 15 years 9 weeks ago

dam epoch you got it down, gj on what is my fav ff song, would you send me the tabs for this song? i got guitar pro so thatd be tight if you had it in that format, but no worries. thanks bro, peace

Boss Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

Hey guys, would it not be a tad easier to do it this way? I mean I guess you could play this on higher notes but for some of us it sounds better on a low note.


Song of Time 15 years 9 weeks ago

in credible, thank you so much for tabbing this in NORMAL GUITAR PLAYING. i dont have a classical guitar, untill then im going to play normally. 5 stars!

Lilium 15 years 9 weeks ago

This is So WIERD! I actualy figured out the begining to this song a long time ago and it's exactly the same! The only difference is I play the very begining like this:


Main Movie Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

whoa . . .

creepy . . .


Deku Tree's Last Words 15 years 9 weeks ago

Wonderful! That last bit that Nathan added finishes it perfectly!

Shop 15 years 9 weeks ago

Also some of you might want to try this version:



sadly it doesn't have an intro :(

Kakariko Village 15 years 9 weeks ago

It was a decent tab I must admit bro. But I think my version is a little better, and easier, well maybe thats just me though, my version doesn't have the intro. But anyways this tab is AMAZING! Keep up the good work bro.
And it is totally complete.

Kakariko Village 15 years 9 weeks ago

We need more Tales games tabs. Great job though.

Lloyd's Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago

Awesome tab. I can play the whole by looking at this. Now i just need to memorize it.

Faron Woods 15 years 9 weeks ago

wait, there's more to the background. I remember there bieng 4 chords. There's only 2 here.

Lon Lon Ranch 15 years 9 weeks ago

I could probably come up with one that has the background to it . . .

Lost Woods 15 years 9 weeks ago

This one does a better job at getting the melody, but I think the other can focus on harmony and background better.

Kokiri Forest 15 years 9 weeks ago

Nice job! Are you at school??

Kakariko Village 15 years 9 weeks ago

Did you look for it at all? :)

This one doesn't have the solo from this recording but it has the main parts.

Victory Theme 15 years 9 weeks ago