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great tab ty

Battle Theme 5 hours 33 min ago

Great version for beginners

Megalovania 1 day 16 hours ago

Thank you. Great light music and easy to perform

Great Fairy Fountain 1 day 16 hours ago


GTYNP: Seiken Densetsu 3 - Innocent Sea 5 days 14 hours ago

Nice smooth playing!

The Chapter 1 was released in 2018, the same year when i went to college. This song had been playing in my ears during my returns to hometown since i first listened it.

A Town Called Hometown 6 days 3 hours ago

Perfectly. I am glad that the composition is not difficult to study.

Song of Storms 1 week 8 hours ago

This is the yacht information I was looking for, thank you온라인카지노

Border Village Dali 1 week 5 days ago

It's really the sheet music I was looking for. Thanks to you, I'm looking for good information스포츠토토

Border Village Dali 1 week 5 days ago

You're the best!!!

E1M8: Phobos Anomaly 2 weeks 1 day ago

LOL I'm currently studying at the university and we have a band, we still like to play music from different games)))

College Bands and Video Game Music 2 weeks 2 days ago

When I was at the university, we had our own band, we loved to play various melodies from games. They played different melodies from Mario, Mortal Kombat, GTA.

College Bands and Video Game Music 2 weeks 2 days ago


Megalith: Agnus Dei (Rex Tremendae) 3 weeks 2 days ago

Very good tab! Easy to read and flow with the song, bringing back many nostalgic memories!

Ahead On Our Way 3 weeks 2 days ago

Sound very good!

Gloomy Manor 3 weeks 5 days ago

Very nice sir!

Easy to play and captured the original perfectly.

Ahead On Our Way 3 weeks 5 days ago

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Dating Start! 3 weeks 6 days ago

Majestic tab

Calm 1 4 weeks 23 hours ago

Intro should be


Final Chapter 4 weeks 3 days ago

Amazing tab! I'd love to see more of your tab arrangements of the other soundtracks from the Golden Apple Archipelago <3

Sunshine Beach 4 weeks 4 days ago


Prelude 4 weeks 4 days ago

Hello. I have a few questions. 1) How can I contact the administrators? (only via the forum?) 2) I lost access to my old Sad_Pleasure account and access to the mail to which the account was linked. Is there any way to get access to it by changing the mail. Or delete it and re-register it. If this is still not possible, then you can put a link for HIGAN, as i did in the new tab THIN PURPLE to the guitar pro tab at the top of the tablature description, I made a dropbox link, wrote it down in the comments. .
3) I think if I can't get access to the old account, then it's better to place new tablature on this account, so that it would be easier to edit in case of errors. Thanks!

Thin Purple 4 weeks 4 days ago

Thanks again scarecrowlol. Here is the link

Prelude 4 weeks 5 days ago

No worries! I've changed the necessary bars. As for the GP file, do you have an edit button at the top of your tab page? if not then you'll have to provide me with a download link and i can update

Prelude 4 weeks 5 days ago

Thanks so much scarecrowlol. I also picked up a couple errors and would like to resubmit but not sure what the process is. Here are the main corrections:

Bars 3, 4, 7 and 8 should be (making use of open note rather than fretted):

Bar 18 should be (removed extra note in melody):

I can resubmit the GP5 just not sure how.

Prelude 5 weeks 2 days ago

I've added a small note at the top of the tab that its in capo 5 :)

Prelude 5 weeks 3 days ago

Hi this is the first tab I have uploaded here. Not sure what happened to the tuning information but just a quick note that it is CGDEGD with capo on 5th.

You can watch the arrangement being played here:

Prelude 5 weeks 3 days ago


Arthas, My Son - Invincible 5 weeks 3 days ago

What a beautiful piece, great job my friend! So many thanks!

Not so far away 5 weeks 3 days ago

Thanks for the answer. I have a few questions. 1) How can I contact the administrators? (only via the forum?) 2) I lost access to my old Sad_Pleasure account and access to the mail to which the account was linked. Is there any way to get access to it by changing the mail. Or delete it and re-register it. If this is still not possible, then you can put a link to the guitar pro tab at the top of the tablature description, I made a dropbox link, wrote it down in the comments. .
3) I think if I can't get access to the old account, then it's better to place new tablature on this account, so that it would be easier to edit in case of errors.

Higan 5 weeks 4 days ago

Link on Guitar pro tab, midi, pdf file or all in zip file

Higan 5 weeks 4 days ago

Nope, it's a website problem we can't host files anymore, your best bet is to upload it on a website (google drive, mediafire, dropbox...) and put the download link at the top of the tab description

Higan 5 weeks 4 days ago

Gtp file in zip file dont download. Am I doing something wrong?

Higan 5 weeks 4 days ago

It is very helpful for newcomers. It really makes me happy. Thanks slope 2

Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis 7 weeks 22 hours ago


I've noticed a leitmotif of the Fields of Hopes and Dreams is in the 6th measure.

Thrash Machine 10 weeks 2 days ago

Ohhh I'll have to give it a listen happy to see you are still going strong with Pixel Mixers Hashel hope you are doing well sir!

Tranquility: A VGM Tribute album to the benefit of SaveTheChildren 11 weeks 2 days ago

Looks interesting! I didn't expect an Ace Combat cover. Can you also add en external link to the Guitar Pro file? The "download" button doesn't work.

Megalith: Agnus Dei (Rex Tremendae) 12 weeks 8 hours ago


Would you have the Zelda's Theme (Milk Bar version) tab?


Lorule Castle (Milk Bar) 12 weeks 17 hours ago
"Slider" - Super Mario 64
Composers : Koji Kondo
Arrangement : judgexii
Tuning : Standard EADGBe
BPM : 175 (4/4 time)

   h        h                    e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e
   Part 1
   q    q    q    q              e  e  e  e  q    e  e         q    q    q    q              e  e  e  e  q    e  e                                      

   q    e  e  q    q             q    e e  e  e  q             q    e e  e  e  q             q    q    q    q

   q    q    q    q              q    e e  q    e e            q    q    q    q              q    e e  q    e e                                    

							       Part 1 Ending 1
   e  e  q    q    q             q    q    q    q              q    q    q    q              q    q    q    q
E-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|| Back to Part 1

   Part 1 Ending 2
   q    q    q    q              e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e        
E-----------------------------|-----------------------------|| To Part 2

   Part 2
   q    q    q    q              q    q    q    q              q    q    q    q              q    q    e  e  e  e

   q    q    e  e  e  e          q    q    q    q              q    q    q    q              q    q    q    q 

   Part 3
   q    q    e  e  q             e  e  q    e  e  q            q    q    e  e  q             e  e  q    e  e  q
   q    q    q    q              q    q    q    q              q    q    q    q              q    e  e  q    q

   q    e  e  q    q             q    q    s s s s e  e        e  s s e  s s s s s s s s s s    s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s
E-----------------------------|-----------------------------|--------------------------------|----------------------------------|| Back to Part 1

Note Legend
w - whole
h - half
q - quarter
e - eighth
. - dotted

Tab Legend
() - continue holding note
h - hammer on
p - pull off
/ - slide up
\ - slide down
<> - natural harmonic
^ - brush up
Slider 12 weeks 2 days ago

It would be nice if there are some time notes.

Rude Buster 12 weeks 4 days ago


Ясно, я подозревал, что тут - ручная корректировка. Расписано очень подробно, за это моё уважение

Everlasting Summer 13 weeks 4 hours ago

К сожалению, вручную в текстовом редакторе с поблочным копированием и вставкой. Так как при этом нет возможности прослушать набранный материал, высока вероятность опечаток, что повсеместно и наблюдается в моих табулатурах. Основным форматом я считал всё же не табулатуру, а нотный текст в приложении. Его набирал в LilyPond.

Кстати, если интересует сама пьеса, советую попробовать другой вариант на этом же сайте. Тот вариант проще играть, а соответственно, он будет увереннее звучать. К тому же он немного ближе к оригиналу по нотам.

Everlasting Summer 13 weeks 8 hours ago

На какой программе писалась таба? Спрашиваю, потому что уж очень интересный формат ASCII файла.

Everlasting Summer 13 weeks 1 day ago

Thanks! I understand now, lol. I don't have that program :C

Anyhow, thanks for the reply! and sorry for late reply!

Its nice to have some fun doing what you do :D

Thanks again!

Turtle woods 13 weeks 3 days ago

It's been a while since a posting it, BUT this is the one of most wonderful and adverb tabulatures I've ever met on the Gametabs.

Journey (Dream of Flight) 13 weeks 5 days ago

i missed this comment. i might upload this one actually, its really short and isn't very difficult

A Knight's Oath 13 weeks 5 days ago

Thanks for your appreciation and yes indeed ... "having fun" remains the goal of the tablature (despite the title of this song ^^ )

Rosalina Story & Sad Story 14 weeks 52 min ago

Thanks bro ! Your comments are not bad either ^^

Chocobo-Chocobo 14 weeks 1 hour ago

Hi & Thanks you for your nice comment.
Also thanx to Nate Brooks to shows us how good this tune can sound on guitar, a very nice perf. Bravo \^.^/

Beach of Nothingness 14 weeks 1 hour ago

Thank you!
I just listen to the notes one by one and transcribe them (because I don't have a sense of pitch), then choose the sounds giving priority to the fingering.

Hip Shop 14 weeks 2 days ago

I'm not a big fan of Naruto but my friends will love it. And thanks for the tips in the comments, the sound of this music will become even better

Sadness and Sorrow 14 weeks 2 days ago