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I'm glad you like it!

Unkai 1 day 15 hours ago

Thank you! :)

Crystal Caves 1 day 15 hours ago

great work buddy

Overworld 1 week 3 days ago

love it.

Stage 5 1 week 3 days ago

absolutely wicked my brother!!

Stage 1 1 week 3 days ago

Just for clarification, it's more common to show the tuning of the strings as if there were no capo then just say where to put the capo. So in this song it's

Capo fret 1

e ||--
B ||--
G ||--
D ||--
A ||--
Sanctuary 1 week 5 days ago

I like replacing the final measure with

  E  E  H           W
                    ^ Rake up kinda close to the bridge

so it's like
  E  E  H

That extra open B string really gives this chord some flavor.

A Wish 1 week 5 days ago

After all this time I never noticed! I forgot to mention capo fret 7!

This "Lower Notes" version has some voicing played much lower so you don't have to go up to fret 17 (10 plus capo 7) but it was still intended to be in the same key, put that capo on guys!

Lightning's Theme (lower notes) 1 week 5 days ago

That ending is awk. I play


I know nothing about music theory tho

The Kingdom of San d'Oria 2 weeks 15 hours ago

Awesome work sir! A bit more time with the mix for the guitars would have really pushed
this over the top but your playing was on point.

Nemesis 2 weeks 1 day ago

What about the ending to the song, there was one in the game Wii Music.

Overworld 3 weeks 4 hours ago

This is amazing! I have wanted to at least cover the lead part of this song for a long time, but have not gotten around to working on it. Do you have any tabs?

Nemesis 3 weeks 8 hours ago

Great tab. Thanks for sharing.

Fairy Fountain & File Selection Theme 3 weeks 4 days ago

If you change it up a bit it could work for day too. Nice!

Gormott (Night) 3 weeks 5 days ago

Aye Kabukibear has great arrangements. Turn that camera sideways though sir!

Traverse Town 3 weeks 6 days ago

Really nice : )

City Ruins 4 weeks 8 hours ago

such a fun tab to play

Show Time! (Mettaton) 4 weeks 1 day ago


The Path (A New Beginning) 4 weeks 1 day ago


The Path (A New Beginning) 4 weeks 1 day ago

You have 2 different tunings

Sad Song 4 weeks 2 days ago

Absolutely fantastic. One of my favorite Zelda tracks, and now I can play it myself. Thank you!

Ending Credits 4 weeks 5 days ago

Listen to my transcription. What do you think about it?

Ahead On Our Way 5 weeks 13 hours ago

Love this. It plays more smoothly if you play some of the open notes one string down, e.g. 3rd measure:

and 8th measure:

Ahead On Our Way 5 weeks 1 day ago


"Scarlet Night" a Castlevania (1986-1996) Tribute Album 5 weeks 3 days ago

accidentally posted it too early.

Sailing With The Coffee Pirates 5 weeks 5 days ago

Thanks for uploading this, it's VERY good!


Tifa's Theme 6 weeks 1 hour ago

A bit hard for a nube like me, but god this arrangement hits me right in the nostalgia. I'll memorize this if it kills me.

Lonely Rolling Star 6 weeks 10 hours ago

Underrated song

Manoria Cathedral 6 weeks 1 day ago


Music Box 6 weeks 1 day ago

Figuring out the tempo is a bit of a nightmare but this song is lovely.

Niji 6 weeks 5 days ago

if you read the Tab and hold the guitar like you should do, you can look down on your guitar and see the same order as in Tabs. Thats why they are written like EADGBE but upside-down to help people overlay the Tab with their neck to ensure easy reading

Butterfly Kiss (Clinic Theme) 6 weeks 6 days ago

thedstring said
Just a note, instead of


you can play


Yep good call - the only reason to play it like the first fingering is to accommodate the harmonics just after!

Galdin Quay 7 weeks 2 days ago

Just a note, instead of


you can play

Galdin Quay 7 weeks 4 days ago


Tifa's Theme 7 weeks 4 days ago

Legally you can get it on the N64, and DS, but you can emulate it on PC for those who were confused, which was probably nobody.

Cool Cool Mountain 7 weeks 5 days ago

Excellent work, I was planning on playing the ole acoustic tonight
so happy to have a different version of this song to try out.

Tifa's Theme 8 weeks 3 hours ago

It's very cool to play and beautifull do more okami pls T_T

Kamiki's Sorrowful Tradition 8 weeks 20 hours ago

yeah i submitted this under Naruto, not sure what's up with that

Utakata Hanabi 8 weeks 22 hours ago

Correction : Chords written as x32331 should be written as x32301.

Song of the Ancients - Devola 9 weeks 11 hours ago

Strangely enough it's not actually from Yume Nikki it's Ending 14 from Naruto Shippuden.

Utakata Hanabi 9 weeks 4 days ago

very intresting :)

"Treetop Tunes" a DKC Tribute Album 10 weeks 19 hours ago

I hope you like it, I will soon send more of this game

Enemy Attack 10 weeks 3 days ago

U r no 1, u r the best, thank u i luv u

Main Theme (nosebloods version) 10 weeks 4 days ago

Haven't played this game yet, but this tab makes me want to

Utakata Hanabi 10 weeks 6 days ago

post a link of your upload mister and we'll get to the bottom of this scout's honor

A Song for Time 11 weeks 2 days ago


A Song for Time 11 weeks 2 days ago

Just a rip of my .gpx i uploaded to ultimate guitar. Thanks for posting some credit due there i guess. Thanks but highlight the author if you didn't tab it yourself

A Song for Time 11 weeks 2 days ago

This one is fun =)

Morning Grace 11 weeks 3 days ago

I love this song! Thank you! :3

Save Theme 11 weeks 5 days ago


Prelude of Light 11 weeks 6 days ago