Silence (Chaos Seed) Bass Tab

Submitted: Mar 14, 2011 by auriplane

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Game: Chaos Seed
Composer(s): Hiroshi Iizuka
Style: Transcription

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                     Chaos Seed - Silence BASS TAB
                       Composed by Hiroshi Iizuka
                Tabbed by auriplane ([email protected])

This song doesn't have much of a bass part, but it's really pretty, and
I wanted to tab it anyway :-)  Four-string bass, standard tuning.


Rest for 5 measures.

    Part A

Rest for 16 measures.

    Part B

G |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D |----------------|7---------------|9---------------|----------------|
A |10--------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| x2
E |----------------|----------------|----------------|7---------------|

    Repeat back to Part A.

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