Review: The Acoustic© AG30 acoustic amp.

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I recently went to my local guitar center to test drive an amp I've been thinking about getting for a while now The Acoustic© AG30. Never did I think my guitar could sound any more beautiful until I hooked up to this amp. It was amazing the effects were so natural sounding I couldn't believe it and not only that there were 16 effects to choose from so there is a wide range of effects you can choose form to fit your style. What I also thought was cool is there isn't a paper that tells you what the effects are, the list is stamped on top of the amp for your convenience. Also for all you YouTubers here on gametabs this amp has a line out which means for about 10-15 dollars more for the extra 1/4 to 1/8 cable at radio shack you can hook up to the line in on your computer and start using Windows Movie Maker to record some audio and upload it. Overall I'm very happy with this amp there are alot more features about this amp then stated above (see below). I recommend going to your local guitar center and trying it out for yourself.

Effects: I couldn't find any information about the effects this Amp had before I went to GC so I'm going to list them here for the people who want to know.

1. Bright Hall
2. Dark Hall
3. Bright Room
4. Dark Room
5. Bright Plate
6. Dark Plate
7. Echo
8. Repeat Echo
9. Echo/Reverb 1
10. Echo/Reverb 2
11. Chorus 1
12. Chorus 2
13. Flange 1
14. Flange 2
15. Chorus/Reverb 1
16. Chorus/Reverb 2

Pros: 16 natural sounding effects w/level adjust, Line Out, 3-Band EQ w/MID frequency change, XLR and 1/4 inputs, 1/8 aux in for CD player or Mp3 players, 1/8 stero headphone jack, 30-Watts RMS, 2 channels.

Cons: Weights 44lbs/19kg

Price: 199$

For more info on the amp go here

Here is what the amp sounds like