Over 1,000 tabs and still growing!

Thanks to the hard work of so many gametabs has broken the 1,000 tab mark. Great work guys! Let's keep it up and move on to the next 1,000.

Might Be Forced to Shut Down

It was an April Fools joke... we're not really shutting down =P

I have some sad news to report today. I just received a letter in the mail from Nintendo of America, Inc. saying that they have been monitoring this site for some time, and have gathered a great amount of evidence of intellectual property rights violations for distributing "unlicensed" music notation and MP3 files. Essentially it's a cease and desist order, which means that if I don't shut down the site they will take further legal action on me.

I've already contacted a lawyer of my own to see what my options are about this whole thing. I realize it's just me against a mega-corporation like Nintendo, but I can't let this thing go without a fight and I'm going to explore every legal possibility before I take the site down.

Click the thumbnail to view a full copy of the cease and desist order.

GTYNP: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Mewt

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This is definitely one of the greatest tabs on the site and I have a feeling a lot of people haven't played it. Thus GTYNP comes to the rescue once again! This is Kabukibear's transcription of Mewt, an arrangement of the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance character's theme which is found on White Melodies of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, a fantastic FFTA arrangement CD. This is a really beautiful duet arrangement with two acoustic guitars, and one heck of a transcription job by Kabukibear. The background guitar plays a constant and tranquilizingly peaceful accompaniment while the lead guitar slowly picks up steam and never quite climaxes, but instead seems to spill out into a flurry of "back and forth" type motions. It's very fun to play, but even better to listen to in my opinion. This is the kind of song you put a nice pair of headphones on for, lay down in your bed, close your eyes and get lost in.


GTYNP: Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time

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ZOMG we're back! Sorry for the long hiatus, but I've been real busy with school and working on other improvements to the site and I've been neglecting to post any new GTYNP's. I was happy to see people actually requesting that I post one again. It feels good to know people are interested (post some comments why don't ya =P). I think I'll start posting one of these every 2 or 3 weeks from now on.

Anyway, this "Greatest Tab You've Never Played" comes from Stamen47 and is a classical arrangement of Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger. Personally I think this is one of the more beautiful and mystical songs I've ever heard, and being able to play it on an acoustic guitar is just wonderful. I love the rich mix of harmony and melody that comes to life in certain parts of the arrangement. There is some room for improvement however, but I'm not complaining. This particular song feels like it's arrangeable in a lot of different ways, and it would be fantastic to see another version of this song arranged for acoustic guitar, **cough**Kabukibear**cough**.

Link to TAB | MIDI

GTYNP: Lufia II: "In Winter"

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This week's "Great Tab You've Never Played" comes from the SNES classic Lufia II. Ajrock2000's arrangment of "In Winter" is a very short but very nice little piece. At first I glossed over it because it was so short, but paying attention proved me wrong. Great job ajrock!


State of the Game Tabs Address

All corniness aside, I just wanna let you all know what's going on with the site these days.

Things are just dandy really. The community is growing, people are submitting tabs left and right and a lot really fine work has been coming from you guys in the past few months. And we are almost at 1,000 tabs! I'll have to throw a party when that happens.

I plan to improve some things in the near future though. First off let me just say I am totally jealous of OCReMix. I love how they organize their remixes as well as all the other content on that site. I plan to organize this site in the same way that they do, and I think I've figured out how to do it given the resources at my disposal (I'm not a software engineer, unlike OCReMix's founder). So expect, for example, the tabber and composer pages to be far more detailed than just a gigantic list on one page.

Along with this organizational change will come a stylistic change. I'm going to work on a more unique layout that will integrate all parts of the site much better. I wanna make the forum and the main site basically one, so that you couldn't really tell the difference between them too much. I just want to have an all around better looking and better working site.

So those are my future plans as far as the infrastructure of the site goes. Nothing major like the upgrades I made last fall, basically just aesthetic changes. Don't expect this to happen terribly soon, I'm just giving a heads up to you all.

Last thing, the Winter Themes Project. I know I announced that ages ago but I wanna finally get that rolling. I'm gonna set a firm deadline for the last day of February, February 29th (leap year FTW). For those that don't know yet, I'd like to receive submissions from you all for songs that are related to winter. Go here for more information.

GTYNP: Link's Awakening - Koholint Island

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If you ask me, Zelda tabs are over played. If you look at the most popular tabs you'll find Zelda tab after Zelda tab, most of which consists of just a few notes while other really great tabs languish in obscurity. Hence why I was so surprised to find this little gem. This week's great tab you've never played is a Stamen47 Zelda tab that has been largely overlooked.

I usually stray from playing duets. It's hard enough to find a good enough guitarist let alone a good enough guitarist that is interested in videogame music. But the first guitar in this tab is strong enough to be played on its own. I use it as a warm up piece as it's a good work out for both right and left hands. Incredible job Stamen. I'd love to see a true solo arrangement! TAB MIDI

GTYNP: Metroid - Kraid's Lair

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I love it when someone classically arranges a song that you wouldn't possibly imagine being classically arranged otherwise. Ron's Kraid's Lair tab is the perfect example of this. There are several other tabs for this song on this site intended for electric guitar, and it has been recorded many times other by video game music cover bands in a clear rock style. But this song in my opinion sounds wonderful when played classically. Enjoy it.



GTYNP: Super Mario RPG: Forest Maze

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Again proving that a lot of good stuff came out of the Shimomura project this week's "Great Tabs You've Never Played" is cgseth's entry from said project the Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG.

A very nice small piece that if you didn't tell the listener wouldn't sound out of place with some minor mid 20th century composers such as Tedesco, Ponce and others. A very charming piece and a very good arrangement. Great job cgseth!


GTYNP: Xenosaga - Shion: Past Memory

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This arrangement is absolutely insane and I don't understand why it hasn't received more attention. It starts off very slow and relaxed and seems like it'll be smooth sailing the whole way through. But it suddenly springs into a epic maelstrom of pitched sound. It's a torrent of quickly picked chords not for the feign of heart. Difficult, but very fun to play. It's also very creative as far as guitar arrangements go, something Kabukibear has been known for.

Open challenge to the community: if anyone submits a complete and well played recording of this song, I will personally send you a copy of any Xenosaga game of your choice.