FF8 Tribute Album: Seas of Time

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Gametabs is proud to present:

The Final Fantasy VIII Tribute Album: Seas of Time

Download this album for free, here:

Listen to the album on YouTube:

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Future projects like this will be organized under the Pixel Mixers name on the VG Covers Reddit. If you'd like to be part of the Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross album, please click this link:

We hope you will enjoy this work, and that you will take interest in our next projects.

Thank you for your interest, and do not hesitate to give us your impressions in the comments below.

11 comments on FF8 Tribute Album: Seas of Time

Hooray! :D This album cover

Hooray! :D

This album cover the FULL ost of the game, 4CD of music, it took us 6 months to finish it and i think it's our best album so far :)

As it's said in the news this is the last "gametabs" album, the others will be under "Pixel Mixers" name but i'll still post some news about it here to grab new people in this journey with us!

I hope you'll enjoy this ;D

Best album cover yet, I

Best album cover yet, I think.

I totally agree, Toxodentrail

I totally agree, Toxodentrail did an amazing job :)

Agreed, album quality has

Agreed, album quality has really gone up since the days of old when we covered FF7.

It surely was a huge

It surely was a huge improvement ^^
Hope the Chrono Album will work well :)

thx guys, have been looking

thx guys, have been looking for this :)

Hope you'll like it ;D

Hope you'll like it ;D

Cheers ! Love it

Cheers ! Love it

Thanks, really glad you

Thanks, really glad you enjoyed our work on this :)

This Awsome dude thx

This Awsome dude thx

Happy you like our work :)

Happy you like our work :)