About the Downtime

Hello everybody. I have been visiting with friends and family lately so I haven't been on the site really at all for the past week or so. I logged on to my computer today to an email from a member saying that the site was down. After some investigation I concluded that the site had been hacked at around 8PM EST last night. It wasn't anything devastating, just a small amount of code had been injected into the site's index.php. Everything appears to be fine now, but if you find anything abnormal please report it here or PM me.

I have been sitting in a

I have been sitting in a closed garage with the car running since the site was down this morning. Without, I don't want to live.

Thankfully, it's back.

It's comments like this that

It's comments like this that make me realize what a monster I've created ;)

I decoded the javascript. It

I decoded the javascript. It was supposed to end up inserting this code:

Both blobs were identical. It's supposed to serve ads. You got hacked by Russians! Amusingly, the site it was supposed to serve ads from is down, AND the javascript was broken ;-)

I was the one that sent the

I was the one that sent the email! haha I was seeing the error code, and I was like I better let ya know somehow. lol Thnks a bunch at fixing it.
And yeah, your right, you have created a monster... A freakin Awesome one full of tabs!! lol