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January 27, 2009


Ennis, Texas

About Me:

Having no musical background, I started my first instrument at 5 with the Piano, when I went into fourth grade, I exelled at the stupid recorder in music class, in 6th grade, I started the Horn in F, Trumpet and Guitar, during the summer after that, I got a bass and my brother got drums, I still play both though. I plan to learn the Trombone and Clarinet in the future. I write my own music a lot, but find that a lot never turns out very good.

My main guitar rig in my bedroom is:
Ibanez RG5EX1
Dunlop Original Crybaby
Heil Talkbox
Digitech MetalMaster Distortion
35W Peavey Backstage Plus
Ibanez Exotic Wood Acoustic

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