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Lin Wuyi smiled and said, "Well, you can sit in this carriage. Don't walk around casually. Otherwise, the wound on your body will not be easy to recover." I said, "Thank you, Mr. Lin, for your concern. Go and deal with the robbers. I can take care of myself." Lin Wuyi nodded and said, "Well, we'll talk about it after we beat these people away." Then he said to Huang Keer, "Keer, you take good care of little brother Hua here, but you can't let him get hurt." Huang Keer nodded and said, "All right, Mr. Lin." After Lin Wuyi left, Huang Keer pouted and said to me, "Why don't you stay in the carriage and come here?" I smiled and said, "I want to see if the Oriental Family is as powerful as you said." Huang Keer snorted coldly and said,ultrasonic cutting machine, "Of course Dongfang is awesome." I laughed and said, "If you are so fierce, why do these robbers dare to rob you?" "How do I know what these people think? Maybe they want to die," said Huang. I laughed and said, "Let's see how these people want to die." Huang Keer said angrily, "It's all your fault. If it wasn't for you, I could go out and kill the enemy." "I can't believe you're a little warlike,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine," I laughed. Huang Keer snorted and said, "What kind of warlike is this? Even if I die fighting for the Oriental family, I have no complaints." Unexpectedly, the girl was loyal to the Oriental Family. She couldn't help saying, "Your mission now is to protect me. If something happens to me, your young lady will blame you. Ha ha." Huang Keer said angrily, "You can still laugh. Don't blame me if I can't protect you when those people come to kill you later. If my young lady is in danger, I won't care about you any more." I asked, "Oh, does your young lady have a sword on her back?" Huang Keer proudly said: "Of course, but also very tall, the average person is no match for the young lady, ultrasonic molten metal ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, otherwise our master will not let the young lady out to walk." "Oh, how good is your young lady?" I asked. Huang Keer said impatiently, "Please, don't ask me so many questions now. I want to pay attention to whether those people have any conspiracy now." "Well, I won't bother you," I said with a wry smile. Said also no longer say anything, looking at the changes ahead. Then Dongfang Wuying in front of him opened his mouth and said to the robbers, "You thieves dare to attack my Dongfang family. Don't think that there is no one in my Dongfang family. I think you are impatient to live. I have long wanted to get rid of you robbers. Now that you have come to me voluntarily today, I will not be polite to you." A man in black, who looked like the eldest, brandished a sword to block the sword of a guard of the Dongfang family. He said loudly, "Hum, today we have seized the things of your Dongfang family. Your Dongfang family has been imposing for so many years. It's time for the geomantic omen to turn around." When Dongfang Wuying heard this, he couldn't help raising his eyebrows and said angrily, "So we won't stop today." The man in black shouted, "Little girl, if you give up your horse and surrender, maybe I will consider making you my robber's wife, ha ha." Dongfang Wuying listened to his words and was so angry that she shouted and pulled out the sword behind her and flew up to kill him. When the man in black saw Dongfang Wuying coming to kill himself, he could not help hurriedly retreating, while Dongfang Wuying was in hot pursuit of him. Dongfang Wuyin was worthy of being the queen of a famous family. His posture was much faster than that of the robber leader, and he soon caught up with the robber leader who was fleeing backwards. He showed no mercy under the sword, gouged out a few sword flowers and killed the bandit leader.
The robber had to run for his life. Looking at his discomfited appearance, people wondered why he could say such big words just now. Just as the sword of Dongfang Wuying was about to reach the throat of the man, a small stone suddenly flew into the woods and hit the sword of Dongfang Wuying, which saved the man's life. Dongfang Wuyin only felt that the sword in his hand was hit by the small stone. The sword in his hand seemed to be flying out of his hand. He was so strong in martial arts that he turned to look at the stone and saw a masked man in purple coming out of the woods. The bandit chief breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the man coming. He said to the man, "Senior, you are here at last. If you come one step later, I will die under the sword of this woman." The masked man in purple smiled and said, "I won't let you die. You can rest assured. Well, you can step down. This woman will be handled by me." The bandit leader retreated as he was told. Dongfang Wuying looked at the man coldly and asked, "Who are you? Why do you cover your face and dare not show your true face?" The masked man in purple said coldly, "If I take off my mask, none of you will leave here alive. It's a pity that I won't kill you all now." Dongfang Wuying snorted coldly and said, "What do you want?" The masked man in purple laughed and said, "I just want to catch you." This is the guards of the Oriental Family who came to the Oriental Shadowless side to protect her. Lin Wuyi said to the masked man in purple, "Hum, how capable you are to say such big words. If you have the ability, you can go through the old man first." The masked man in purple burst out laughing and said,sonicator homogenizer, "Ha ha, Lin Wuyi, don't you know how much weight you have? You're no match for me. I think you should go together so that I won't do too much." "Do you know me?" Cried Doctor Lin.

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