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Jada Smith celebrates her baldness:

On-screen character Jada Pinkett Smith’s spouse uploaded a selfie of himself on Instagram in which he proudly reveals that he does not have any hair on his head.
In 2018, Jada made her first open revelation with respect to her problem with hair loss on the talk program she hosts, Red Table Talk. She stated that she had been diagnosed with an autoimmune sickness.
Jada made the decision to accept her position after a series of failed attempts to reestablish her hair with steroid injections. Last year, she completely chopped off any remaining hair she had after making the decision. One of the people that served as an inspiration for her was her girl Willow Smith, who already had a similar haircut at the time.

During an episode of “Red Table Talk,” Jada revealed that she had high hopes that her spouse, Will Smith, and the comedian Chris Rock will be able to work out their differences and get back together.

Recall that in March, amid the Oscars, Chris was announcing the best Feature Documentary category at the Oscars, when he decided to create a joke about Will’s wife, Jada, who suffers from alopecia and hair loss. Chris made the joke while he was reporting the Finest Highlight Documentary category at the Oscars. He compared her to the activity courageous woman Ji. Ai. Jane from the film with the same name, in which she played Demi Moore with her head shaved.

Smith appeared out of nowhere on stage and immediately began to physically ambush the comedian by hitting him. Due to the incident, he decided to voluntarily resign from the Academy, and the organization has since banned him from attending the Oscars for a period of ten years. Late in the month of July, Smith made a video in which he communicated his lament to the comedian for having slapped him. Will’s apology was as it were an attempt to repair his public image, according to a source who spoke to a foreign media outlet, who said that Chris isn't ready to reestablish the friendship at the present and said that Will’s apologies.

News readers can know tech news also:

Meta announced new interesting feature for Facebook, will help users organize conversations on a topic that interests them.
The social networking location Facebook will soon have a new feature called Community Chats, which was introduced by the business Meta. This feature will empower users to more effectively arrange talks on subjects that are of intrigued to them.

You’ll be able to interact with people who aren’t already in your social circle by using the new feature to organize discussions around posts, themes, and occasions and after that utilizing those discussions to communicate with those people.

According to City Magazine, which cites The Verge, in addition to the text component, there will be back for audio and video channels. This would allow clients to switch on their receiver or camera to “call” other people, ought to they so choose. It is also provide Omaha news.

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