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on the reservation.The state responded by removing state game wardens from the reservation during the 1977 hunting season.The tribe saw this as an infringement on what it believed was its jurisdiction over reservation fish and wildlife resources.In 1981, the court ruled in favor of the Mescalero Apache Tribe in New Mexico in a similar suit, thereby setting a precedent for all tribes.As a result, the White Mountain Apache now have clear legal jurisdiction over reservation fish and wildlife and activities related to them.3While the lawsuit was pending, the tribe began to work on its trophy elk program.With that one move, the tribe had dramatically reduced elk hunting pressure.4 The $12,000 price tag is obviously high, but as tribal leaders correctly perceived, a growing number of hunters are willing to pay a premium to enjoy the elk hunting experience available on Fort Apache.To protect its investment in trophy elk, the tribe made concessions in the operation of its other enterprises on the reservation.For example, tribal attorney Robert Brauchli points out that livestock grazing has been drastically reduced to provide more forage for elk.Even the tribe’s lucrative timber program has changed.Tribal biologists review every timber sale to minimize impact on elk.As a general rule, notes Joseph Jojola, no logging is allowed in high country areas, riparian zones, and mountain meadows.In areas where logging is allowed, it is timed to avoid critical elk calving periods, and roads are closed after logging is

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