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Formula "minimum 100% maximum" in study.
This is the most effective formula for how to regularly work towards a goal and not give up on the way.

The minimum is what you do anyway.

100% is exactly what you need.

The maximum is an almost unrealistic volume that can be performed in case of inspiration.

Let me explain with an example: I began to use this formula in order to accustom myself to exercise every day. My 100% is 20 minutes of exercise per day, and my minimum is 1 minute. As it turned out, in one minute you can sit down 40 times, jump 100 times or stand in a plank for 1 minute. So, this one minute led me to develop a habit of playing sports every day. Using the same formula, I achieved that I ran a half marathon: my 100% program was to run 4 times a week for 30 minutes, at least - to run 4 times a week for 2 minutes (even if the weather was bad or sick, I ran at home), and the program was - run for more than an hour and a half in one workout. Also if it concerns essay writing. Writing a small part of an essay is the minimum and using the resource is the maximum. Therefore, to be effective in learning, you need to give yourself 100%.

Therefore, I can say that the formula is very effective. On it we work with students and prepare for UPE. First, we say that each student is responsible for his own preparation and results, and the teacher is help. This also applies in writing written works. If a teacher with the help of an can help a student, then he can already be sure that there will be success. It will depend on the student. Then the students define their programs at least, 100% and maximum, we document it all in writing - we conclude a contract, where the responsibilities of the parties are spelled out, and we work on it.

From my experience, as 100% of children most often choose 30-50 minutes of math classes every day, the program is at least 10 minutes daily, maximum - 4 hours. It is important that when children in a group work according to a formula, they must send a photo or video report of their work every day: examples or tasks completed, an explanation of the formula or law to the camera, etc.

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