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How To Stencil a Wall of your Room

We all want our home to look like a piece of art, especially when it comes to walls. How cool would it be if we stencil a wall by attempting a project as a DIY? If you love to attempt such projects, then you are at the right place. Today we are discussing how we can stencil a wall to make our home look outstanding. Let’s get into it.

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First, you need to gather supplies that are essential to start a project. It’s better to use a foam roller than a brush for stencil as it can provide a smooth texture. To create edges, you can use the brush as it will also help in finishing. You can experiment with both brush and roller to see the results before applying on a wall.

Rough Patch

Before you start painting the wall, it’s essential to check paint and results by examining on a rough patch. Take a small part of the stencil and start using it on a small area to make sure you have picked all the right things. Also, in this way, you will learn about the stencil technique, and there are fewer chances of making a mistake.

Set Laser Level

When you want to paint straight, then it’s not possible to follow a line without using a laser level. A laser level will create a straight line on a wall, and later you can stick the stencil on a wall to paint. A laser level is suitable to use whether painting a room or outdoor wall.

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Paint Technique

To stencil a wall, you may have to apply a technique to keep it safe from absorbing paint, and to print an accurate design. The best trick you can apply is to dab a brush. Keep the stencil fixed on a wall and start dabbing brush. Don’t use excessive paint in a brush as it will make your stencil soft, and you can’t reuse it for the next coat. Remove stencil from a wall once done with the sharp edges.

Repeat Process

When you are done with the stencil paint, keep an equal distance between motifs to create a uniform design on a whole wall. Keep extra stencils with you, sometimes due to large wall coverage, you may have to change the stencil several times. Target one area at a time, and then cover the whole wall with a design following an alignment. One mistake can ruin your whole hard work, and you may have to start over.

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Stenciling a wall may look easy, but it requires proper technique and alignment. We all want our rooms to look elegant and energizing to always radiate positive vibes. Through stenciling, you can always give a new look to the home on a limited budget. Follow the right technique, and you will successfully achieve a goal.

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